This Video of a Greyhound Running Will Make You Realise Something

When you think of a happy, healthy dog what image do you conjure in your mind? Is it, like the amazing dog in the video, one of an incredible animal, full of joy, boundless energy with an inexhaustible lust for life? Most likely. It probably isn't a mental picture of a poor, wheezing, sickly pet struggling to walk properly - let alone run - having been encumbered with the disadvantages of a body that is simply not fit for purpose.

Dogs. Our dogs. Man's best friend. They are, following centuries of selective breeding, the product of human decisions. We're responsible for them. We're responsible for how they look, how they function and how they live their lives - generally speaking.

For too long now we've failed to radically fix the problems, the disabilities that we've inflicted upon them. Be they breathing difficulties, mobility difficulties, skin problems, joint problems and a whole host of other ailments that are, by and large, as by-product of the human need to favour form over function.

Behold the dog in the video. Not every dog needs to be a Greyhound. But every dog should, absolutely MUST be able to perform the very basic functions and needs of a dog. To run. To move freely. To be able to breath properly. To be a happy, healthy dog.

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