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This Dog Has Spent Over 10 Years in Rescue, Can You Help Her Find a Home?

Meet Bluebell.

Bluebell has spent 11 years - almost all of her life - in rescue waiting for new owners to take a chance on her and offer her the loving home she so deserves.

Amy Hornsby is one of her carers at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. She tells us, “We have never known a dog quite like Bluebell, she has such a huge personality and makes us laugh every day.

"It is heartbreaking to see her transform from a young dog to an old lady whilst still in rescue. She is still young at heart and desperately deserves to find a home after waiting for so long!”

She has been adopted twice in the past but was returned both times for the same reason - taking a while to settle in - and now her rescue believes that her breed, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, combined with her brindle coat colour are key factors in why she has been overlooked for so many years.

Dog adoption website, dogsblog.com, are asking for your help now to share her story and spread the word about this beautiful girl.

Let’s help her find a new home so she can finally enjoy the love and home comforts she so richly deserves.

Kim O'Meara from dogsblog.com says, "Bluebell is a typical Staffy who loves her comforts. Amy tells me that throughout winter she will press herself against the radiator at the rescue centre absorbing all of the heat.

"Bluebell loves meeting new people. She goes out at weekends with her favourite dog walkers who take her for some chips down at the local pub! She is very friendly and makes friends easily.

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"She was never taught coping skills as a young dog, so we should really think of her as younger than she is and help her to cope with situations she finds stressful. Growing up in a busy rescue centre has been far from ideal.

"Bluebell struggled in the kennel environment and so she now resides in our kennel kitchen, which she rules the roost of and has us all wrapped around her paws!"

Amy concludes, “Bluebell is a clever girl and is super food motivated. With some consistency and boundaries in place, she will truly flourish.

"She’s a puppy trapped in an adult’s body but in the right, experienced home she will make a hugely entertaining companion.”

Bluebell's ideal home

Her rescue wishes people to know she does have some behavioural and medical issues.

"Bluebell can be destructive when left and she will not cope being locked in a crate. She will need a safe environment such as a spare room where she can be left if you need to pop out for a while.

"Bluebell can be quite trying when she becomes stressed as she will tug on your clothes or jump up and grab things out of your hand when you are not expecting it. Occasionally she accidentally grabs your skin instead of your clothes and it hurts (this is always accidental on her part, she would never intentionally hurt anyone!).

"This will be worse here, due to so many stresses with rescue life. However, it is something that may continue in a home, especially whilst she is settling and learning about her new routine and surroundings. She does not mean to be nasty, she is a friendly dog, tugging on clothes is a reaction to a situation she cannot cope with. She needs a calm, experienced home who will not make this problem worse."

And she is looking for a new home where she is the only pet.

"She isn’t great with all other dogs. She will happily ignore them when she is on the lead but she will never be able to live with another dog or any other pets."

Watch Bluebell's latest video here, read more about Bluebell and contact Amy and the team at Freshfields Animal Rescue by visiting her page on dogsblog.com today (contact details can be found in the About Us tab at the end of the page or there is a direct contact form on her page).



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth Marshall

    February 6, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    What about a Face Book page for this little one? Updated daily by her carers….Help get her out there and a new home. x

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