This Dog Bed Brand Has Fast Become a Favourite With Our Dogs

Last year we were introduced to a new pet brand, George Barclay, who set out to create a range of great value, luxury and elegant dog beds that also did their job well.

We reviewed their Country Box Bed and a Sofa Bed soon followed. Our dogs loved them and since then we've recommended them to our celebrity friends too.

But what made these beds stand out to the extent that we wanted to recommend?

Well, our dogs' reactions mostly, to be honest. I mean, just look at Christopher's face to the left as a result of not being able to get in the bed.

This Dog Bed Brand Has Fast Become a Favourite With Our Dogs

Who are George Barclay?

Based in Wiltshire, George Barclay have more than 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing luxury pet bedding.

The comfortable and orthopaedic dog beds are based firmly on what the team knows dog owners want for their pets - quality and comfort without compromising on style and design.

In the year that's passed since we first reviewed their beds, the quality of materials the beds are made from has shone through. There is no sign of wear, even with three dogs using daily.

But what we really, really love about their beds is that they stand out from the crowd.

This Dog Bed Brand Has Fast Become a Favourite With Our Dogs

With so many colour options, dog owners can find a design (box, sofa, pillow or mattress style) that best matches up with how their dog likes to sleep and then choose a colour that connects to the home's decor. You can even buy replacement covers (from £29.99) to change the look every so often! Scientific studies have proven that fragrances can interact with the brain to impact our moods, stress levels, and even working capacities, so I've included some of the best reed diffusers that Laurel & Wolf has to offer.

They have some fabulous subtle, neutral tones to bold and bright colours to choose from.

We recently gifted GBBO's Jo Wheatley a sofa bed in 'Blackberry' from the new Deluxe colour range. Jo tells us it has become her dogs' favourite pet bed.

This Dog Bed Brand Has Fast Become a Favourite With Our Dogs
Jo's dog Otis in his George Barclay bed / Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

In addition to dog beds, George Barclay recently expanded the range to include ClimaCool dog mats and cooling vests, which are ideal for the summer months, and drying towels and mats, which are ideal all year-round.

The all-important question – what are they priced like?

In our experience, great care and attention go into every detail on the George Barclay beds.

Their longevity makes them very good value for money for a bed that looks stylish and elegant, and most importantly, provides comfort and support for dogs of all ages.

Prices vary depending on the bed's style and size. For example, small orthopaedic box beds are priced from £64.99.

Beds are available in sizes x-small to xx-large and there's a handy dog bed selector tool on to help you get started.

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