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These 7 Dogs Want to Know Who’ll Stop The Rain?

I don't know about your dog but Mia, my Rottweiler, can steadfastly refuse to set foot outside if it's wet. In fact the only way to get her out is to gently push her out of the doorway. Christopher, the youngest, loves it. Any excuse to get muddy!

But it seems Mia isn't alone in her dislike for the wet stuff. New research out this week, released by Churchill Insurance, claims that one in five dogs refuse to go outdoors when it's wet, while a third of dog owners tackle the British weather by dressing their dogs up in wet weather gear.

Here are some other dogs who, like Mia, make their feelings about the rain clear.

The dog who uses psychology against you and asks if you really want to go out, like, have you thought about what you'll do when you get wet?

Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar


The dog who's done what you've asked and gone outside, but wants to know if it's time to go home yet.

Photo Credit: sea turtle

The dog who's hoping you've got some healthy treats in your pocket to make up for 'this'.

Photo Credit: Martin

The dog who thinks now it's clearly stopped raining, the jacket can come off, right?

Photo Credit: Phil King


The dog who's thought of a way to share the fun of the rain with you!

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson


The dog who thinks he's found a way to get rid of all of the rain.


The dog who doesn't mind the rain after all because she knows a towelling is due afterwards!

Photo Credit: Matthew


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