Issue 135

The Reality of Working From Home If You Own a Dog

Working from home can be fun if you own a dog. You get to make some fun memories and you have many more hours spending quality time together in the bank.

Before we share some of the funniest and cutest dogs we’ve found on social media who are making their owners working from home experiences better, here’s a Mia story.

A young Mia

Years ago, when Mia was a puppy, our publisher, Ryan was working from home with her when he was asked to do a feature about dogs for a BBC news show.

Mia, not quite a year old then, hadn’t done much TV stuff but from the time she was a matter of weeks old, had enviable levels of confidence. She once marched into the ITV studios like she knew where she was going and since the studio had moved since her last visit, she hadn't a clue which direction she should be heading. We knew that, but everyone else assumed she knew the way because of her confident march so followed her.

Anyway, on this occasion, the TV presenter (a lovely woman who loved dogs) met a young Mia, said 'hi' then placed her handbag on the floor.

While everyone was distracted, Mia decided to tip her handbag up - ALL of the contents spilt everywhere. Why? We've no idea. But everyone was mortified. Except for Mia, who wanted to know when it was time for her close up.

Dogs, eh?

Here are some other stories about dogs making working from home much more memorable.

Some casualties are inevitable, eh Rolo?

(You can see a video of Rolo and his excessively happy tail here)

Uh-oh, read the second paragraph. We all know who did it.

Some dogs are destined for fame, they just need an opportunity.

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Have you heard about...?

This dog heard his owner LOUD AND CLEAR.

Everyone will get the 'your storage is full' message at the same time, don't worry.

This dog must have watched Risky Business last night.

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