Issue 59

12 Dog Myths – BUSTED!

When humans take an interest in a subject, a generational game of Chinese whispers often occurs. Nonsense becomes received wisdom, which becomes fact and we find ourselves debating the most cast iron 'truths' amongst ourselves until we fall out. We…
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K9 Magazine Issue 59

Inside this edition of K9 Magazine.... K9 Behaviour: Adopting A Dog: De-Bunking The Behaviour Myths ReWIND: Interview With Layla Kayleigh Talking Point: 17 Must Do Experiences For Your Dog Real Life: A Day In The Life - Dog Agility K9…
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8 Ways To Get The Best From Your Vet

It has been revealed that vet practices are some of the most profitable types of small business in the UK. Even more profitable it would appear than financial advisers. The success is partly down to advances in veterinary medicine and…
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