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Spring Fashion: Get Ready for Bold & Beautiful Colours

Spring Fashion: Get Ready for Bold & Beautiful Colours

Since launching on our TV screens as one of the original puppies to feature on the BBC television show 'Six Puppies and Us', Stewie Sinclair has quickly become one of our most loved canine stars, meeting and shooting with models alongside his photographer dad, Joseph Sinclair.

And so, as compassionate fashion takes centre stage amongst the biggest fashion houses, we asked our favourite fashionable dog, Stewie to take us through some of this season's key looks for dogs who want to stay on trend without spending a fortune.

Spring really give so much room for manoeuvre with lots of styles from the 80s making a comeback this season.

So, if frills are your thing, you're on trend. Equally, if you're more of a sequin lover, you're set. Checked patterns are also making a come back, thanks to Victoria Beckham, and denim remains a key staple.

The one common theme throughout is that colour is key - but it's up to you whether you go with bold colours or pastel tones - and whatever you wear, make sure you feel good. Mix and match, wear what you want and be happy.

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Spring Fashion: Get Ready for Bold & Beautiful Colours

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Feature Photography by Joseph Sinclair

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