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Interview With Sophie Austin

Interview With Sophie Austin

Sophie Austin is best known for playing feisty Lindsey Butterfield on Channel 4's popular soap opera, 'Hollyoaks'.

With an exciting first year on the show behind her, Kim O'Meara caught up with Sophie to hear about what's next for Lindsey and find out all about her current leading man - her dog, Mitch!

Tell us about your dog - we'd like to know everything him!

Mitch is a 2 ½ year old Border Terrier, he's our family dog and he's just a brilliant little boy. He's just such a lively little man – he's so intelligent and mischievous. We've had him since he was a puppy and we all fell in love with him as soon as we met him.

He's my step-dad's best friend and goes everywhere with him. He has a business restoring motorbikes and cars and everyone knows who Mitch is, he's like lord of the land there!

He's so clever he picks things up so quickly and he's massively into cuddles. He's so funny, he loves sitting watching TV with you. He loves to nap as well, just like the rest of the family. He's just brilliant.

Sophie Austin and Mitch - K9 Magazine

Has your family always owned dogs?

Yes, we had Meg, a Cocker Spaniel growing up and my nan used to have Collies. My sister had Rottweilers, Buster and Tia, so we've always had dogs as part of the family.

I think with my sisters Rottweilers especially people can be scared of the breed but they're really soppy cuddle fiends.

We were always brought up to respect dogs and take care so that you don't let them be scared, but so that you respect them and remember a dog is an animal with instincts so you take care of them to keep them happy and secure.

I would love to have my own dog here but it's brilliant to have Mitch as part of our family. It just wouldn't be fair to have my own dog here with the hours I work and I'm passionate about the fact 'a dog isn't just for Christmas', it's become a well known saying but I find it amazing that people still get a dog and don't keep that commitment.

It was amazing when you brought dogs on set a few months ago as part of National Dog Adoption Month and we met Cole and Jasper.

I have such strong opinions when it comes to this sort of thing, but Mitch has a fantastic home and my boyfriend Graham's mum is a Corgi and Labrador breeder and I love going to see her. She has eight dogs and they have an amazing life, like Mitch, and I want that for all dogs. I think it's so sad when dogs are mistreated, they don't have their own voice, so we need to do it for them.

Your character Lindsey Butterfield only appeared on screens last Summer but it feels longer (in a good way!) because of how many crucial story lines she's been involved in. From the drama with Dr. Browning to being at the heart of a love triangle with Joe (fiancé) and brother Freddie. What's next?

Well, Lindsey has the whole Freddie/Lindsey storyline going on and in the weeks ahead she finds out what happened to Joe and being pregnant with Joe's baby so she has to battle with her emotions. At the same time she still has the Dr. Browning murder storyline going on, so she has both issues to deal with.

She's never kept quiet though but I'd love to see more of a smile from her in the near future though.

It's great fun playing Lindsey though, I think when you play someone like her you realise how much you've invested in her as a character and it's funny how you'll find yourself defending her actions. My mum was making a comment about something she'd done a few weeks ago and I was like 'yeah, but...' and then you realise afterwards it's not logical thinking. I think I'm invested in her as much as her fans.

I don't think it's going to get easier for Lindsey any time soon though.

Sum up Lindsey in 3 words.

Logical, passionate and loyal.

The show is brilliant for bringing original characters back from time to time so viewers can keep up to date with their favourites. Where would you like to see Lindsey in say, 5 years time?

I'd love it if Lindsey's family came into it to give her a different dynamic building relationships with the two girls. I'd also really love it if she could have a love interest and maybe something so we could see a darker side to her.

Lindsey is such a stable character in that it's great to be able to play with her emotions quite a lot. Our writers are amazing though, I'm happy to have anything thrown at me!

You have some huge story lines coming up which must be exciting but also hard work. How do you wind down after a long day on set?

It sounds quite boring though but the biggest thing is going to the gym for a run, I find it clears my head and I don't think about anything.

[premiumcontent]And finally, this is always a tough question and often requires a fair degree of thinking time but….If Mitch had the ability to speak and answer one question and one question only, what would you ask him and what do you think that he would say?

I'd ask him what he'd like to do today and I think he'd say he'd like to sit and eat.

We don't need a Dyson, we've got Mitch. My mum always says he barks at the hoover or anything that cleans, and I don't think it's the noise he's bothered by, I think it's that they're sweeping up the crumbs.

Sophie Mitch-21

Many Thanks Sophie!

Sophie Austin Was Speaking With Kim O'Meara

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