Me & My Dog With Rickie Arthur

Rickie Arthur is quickly establishing himself as one of world’s best Michael Buble tribute artists – he is an incredible singer, performer and is currently enjoying the successes of being on his UK national tour. A young and talented performer Rickie gets the entire audience dancing in their seats and in the aisles at every gig and has built a solid reputation as being a genuine talent. He is working on his debut solo album where Rickie will show he just a good a solo performer as a tribute artist.

Here K9 Magazine catches up with Rickie to find out about why he loves his pet Beagle so much and how a dog managed to text him during one of his shows…you’ll have to read on!

Tell us about your dog and what made you choose a Beagle.

I have a Beagle called Lou, he's a great dog. Very intelligent and from the photoshoot we did for you, very photogenic! I picked a Beagle because of their laid back attitude and I think they also have a really handsome look about them as a breed.

Me & My Dog With Rickie Arthur

When did you get your first dog and can you remember what the feeling was like, early days, initial problems, fun etc?

My first dog was a white Boxer called Charlie and he just wanted to kiss me all the time and slobber me, he was great fun and very energetic.

We heard you had a 'dog groupie' on your last tour – tell us a little about that.

Yes we did. We introduced texting on stage requests in Theatre and a Labrador in front was loving my singing and also texted me a request – Ruff ruff, I'm sure it was the owner doing it - although they are a very intelligent breed so you never know!

An average day with your dog would entail.....

Walks and cuddles plus playing, obviously when I’m on tour, my mum looks after him for me.

What's your dog's favourite place on earth?

Down on the beach, without question!

What was the last thing you taught your dog to do?

The last thing I taught him to do was to collect the post from the letterbox.

Me & My Dog With Rickie Arthur

The funniest thing your dog has ever done or the funniest thing you've ever seen a dog do?

He hides from me a lot, but pops his head out to see if I'm searching for him which is pretty funny.

More than 10 million Briton's choose to share their lives with a dog, why do you think that is?

I'd say it's because they are very loyal and trusting

If you could swap roles with your dog for a day how do you think they'd handle being you and vice versa?

I can't imagine a dog singing or stopping off at service stations on tour? But I would think being a Beagle would be fun for the day.

And finally, if your dog had the ability to answer just one question, what would you ask and what do you think the answer might be?

(Laughs) I'd ask him, 'do you love me?', and the answer would be – 'Yes - now hurry up and feed me'!

Many thanks Rickie!

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