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Interview With Kate Lawler

Kate Lawler first appeared on our screens in Big Brother in 2002. Since then her career has evolved and she's become well-known as a TV presenter, model, DJ and for her weekday show on Kerrang! Radio as she takes charge of the Drive! show. Regular listeners will have heard her talk about her her beloved Baxter and new family member, Kevin.

K9 Magazine caught up with Kate to find out much more about two of the main men in her life.

Tell us about your dogs - we'd like to know everything about them!

I have two dogs, Baxter and Kevin. Baxter is a Border Terrier who turns 1 on the 2nd of November. My boyfriend, Adam, and I decided to get a dog and initially I wanted a Westie and Adam wanted a Boxer. We were set on these breeds mainly because my parents had a Westie and I'd always said when I get a dog I'll have a Westie and Adam had the same experience with Boxers. So we had to settle somewhere in the middle and we decided on a Border Terrier.

I've always loved Border Terriers and they have a great personality. We watched so many videos of Border Terriers on Youtube. Plus, they look like old men with their beards and funny faces.

So we got Baxter and he's just a bundle of joy, but a lunatic at the same time. He does everything at 100mph and he's so clever. He was toilet trained and learned training commands so quickly. The one thing we want to work on is stopping him jumping up really.

He's really friendly and just gets really excited. I think because we don't stop him when we get home from work and he jumps up to see us saying 'oh my god I'm so happy to see you' he thinks it's ok to do it anywhere so we're working on that.

Interview With Kate Lawler

He's also really fussy with food. He'll leave his food until night time just to see if there's any better food coming like roast chicken or tuna, once he knows there's not, he'll go and eat his own food.

He's just so playful and because we work we decided we'd get a playmate for him. We always knew we'd get another dog, but thought we'd wait until we moved but when we were walking in the park we met this lady, Val, and her dogs. Baxter always played with Kevin and so they were friends anyway. She'd only had him a few weeks and I mentioned that we were thinking about getting another dog and she asked if we were serious because she was going to rehome Kevin because he was too boisterous. She had two other dogs and they were all lapdogs really so very chilled.

Kevin's a really cute teacup Yorkie so I spoke to Adam about it and so we decided to take him in. We knew Baxter got on with him when they were out and about so we said we'd try for a week so we could make sure they got on at home and they've become the best of mates. They share everything, they sleep together, they share a bed, Baxter even cleans him every morning. They really get on so well.

Kevin was a rescue found in a garden by Val's dog groomer and that's how he ended up with her when she took him in but we think before that he had a pretty hard life living outside. He's a really timid boy, he likes to snuggle up with us and he's so chilled.

We think he's had about four names so far, but he's responding well to Kevin, he's so well behaved. We're just really glad the boys both get on so well.

He's not yet properly toilet trained, we think that's because he lived outside, but he's getting there. He went to our vets last week for a check up and she doesn't think he's older than 5-6 months but he's fit and healthy.

I did worry at first that we might not bond as much with Kevin because we love Baxter so much, you worry how you can love another dog as much, but speaking to other friends who own dogs they said it's pretty normal and as the days went on in his first week of living with us, we grew so fond of him we couldn't imagine him not being here.

When did your interest in pets/animals begin and how long have you been a pet owner?

We owned a family dog when I was growing up, Charlie, he's a Westie and lives at home with my parents. He's such a nice dog, I always said if I got a dog I'd want a Westie because of him.

I did buy a dog about five years ago, a Westie and left him with the people I bought him from while I was on holiday because he was due to have his injections. It was really sad, while I was away I got the call he'd not responded well and then another call the next morning to say he passed away.

I was really gutted, so sad but I left it a while and eventually had to think, well ok maybe it's just not meant to be.

You first shot to fame through Big Brother but are most known now for your DJ work around the country and your daily radio show on Kerrang! Radio in the West Midlands. You must have some great perks of the job – what do you love most about your job?

I love it. I get so much freedom with the show, I love the music. We play mostly rock or indie music, it's a really niche station and I get to play songs from my favourite bands.

[premiumcontent] And finally, this is always a tough question and often requires a fair degree of thinking time but….If Baxter and Kevin had the ability to speak and answer one question and one question only, what would you ask them and what do you think that they would say?

I'd like to ask Baxter what he thinks of Kevin and if he's happy he's here with us. When we first brought Kevin home I wasn't sure how it would go, I knew they got on at the park but that's different to living together, so the first week was really quite worrying. I would have loved to have been able to ask him what he thought of Kevin and if he was happy with us bringing him home with us.

Now, they get on so well and are the best of friends I think Baxter would say 'yes'.

I'd like to ask Kevin more about his background, where he lived before, if he had brothers and sister and if he was mistreated. If so I'd chase them down and give them a peace of my mind.

Many Thanks Kate!

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K9 Magazine Would Like To Say Thanks To….

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Follow Kate, Baxter & Kevin's adventures in our Pet Friendly Britain series as it continues next month!

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