Chance of a Lifetime: What ONE Question Would YOU Ask Your Dog & Why?

In each issue of K9 Magazine we interview a celebrity dog owner, asking them all about how they got their dog, why they chose that type of dog, their pet ownership history etc. We even ask them to compare other celebrities and notable personalities to types of dog. Being the ever professional interviewee, celebrities breeze through our interviews, answering each and every question without delay....until we stop them in their tracks. Until we ask them a question that makes them, all of them, pause, reflect and - in more than one case - ask us if they can "come back to us on that". Yes, we've even had celebs who needed to take some days to think of an answer before calling us back. Now, we'd like to ask YOU the same question...

If, for one moment on one day, once in a lifetime, you had the chance to ask your dog one, single question - and they were able to answer - what would your question be and what do you imagine your dog's response might be?

Let us know what YOU'D ask your dog (use the comment form below) and the best ones could be included in our next issue.


  1. Why do you stay by my side, even when you are able to run free?

    Obviously this doesn’t mean literally to my hell even when we are walking but more to do with checking where I am, what I am doing even when running free through open fields. Why not just take off? Clearly I know the ins and outs of dog behaviour to do with pack leaders, conditioning etc etc. and those reasons behind why dogs return to call and don’t run away – but they just don’t satisfy the why question enough for me!

  2. How can I make your life better? I think I’m doing all the ‘right’ things…great food, lots of attention, plenty of toys, several soft beds & blankies, annual vet visits, brushing & scaling your teeth (I know you hate that), you go on many trips with us because you are part of my family & I love you.

  3. This is easy and probably very obvious but I’d ask my dog “Are You Happy?” I know other people wrote the same thing but it is truly what I would want to know.

  4. ok Magnum,
    you know the command for “come here,” so why do i have to raise my voice to get your attention>

  5. I’d ask my dog if she’s really that hungry or is it more about making sure she gets the treats so other dogs don’t.

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