Chance of a Lifetime: What ONE Question Would YOU Ask Your Dog & Why?

In each issue of K9 Magazine we interview a celebrity dog owner, asking them all about how they got their dog, why they chose that type of dog, their pet ownership history etc. We even ask them to compare other celebrities and notable personalities to types of dog. Being the ever professional interviewee, celebrities breeze through our interviews, answering each and every question without delay....until we stop them in their tracks. Until we ask them a question that makes them, all of them, pause, reflect and - in more than one case - ask us if they can "come back to us on that". Yes, we've even had celebs who needed to take some days to think of an answer before calling us back. Now, we'd like to ask YOU the same question...

If, for one moment on one day, once in a lifetime, you had the chance to ask your dog one, single question - and they were able to answer - what would your question be and what do you imagine your dog's response might be?

Let us know what YOU'D ask your dog (use the comment form below) and the best ones could be included in our next issue.


  1. I agree this is a very difficult question, I feel like I want to ask if he is happy, but after studying dog behaviour for years and after having him as my best friend for 10 years I feel I know my little man quite well and being a Jack Russel cross Corgi he certainly has the type of character that lets you know both when he is unhappy and happy. I run an animal rescue and I feel I would love to use this once in a lifetime question when we get in a traumatised dog, when you have no idea what has happened to them to make them so frightened, then I would like to ask what happened to you and how can I make your life better.

  2. i would ask my english bull terrier podge to come back and visit me when he died, because i would miss him so much if he wan’t here with his smiley face and his lovable bully ways

  3. i would ask mythree labs how they know that i must not be bumped into after a stroke i think they would say they can see and sence that i’m unwell and need to be looked after

  4. If I let you off the lead will you promise not to get aggressive with some of the other dogs?

  5. I would ask my Rotti Zeus, ‘does it annoy you when i tell you the weather is to bad to take you out for a walk’if he replied i’m sure he would say he is disgusted in me, and get off my backside now!

  6. You are so good with everything else, and you’re so good-looking, smart and young. Why are you so belligerent and ballistic when you meet men? I have taught you tricks so easily, but not to calm down when you see a man? It’s been a month and I must exchange you so you can have a professional trainer as I am too old to be one.

  7. Why do you keep going to the toilet on the carpet when I have told you not to?

    Cos I keep forgetting I am not supposed to!

  8. I would ask my 5 dogs, that if they could have anything they wanted, what would it be and why. I know that they are happy, because they wag their tails alot, and give lots of kisses!!

  9. I immedidately thought of *have you been happy in the life I have provided for you*?? I hope my 2 boys would answer YES!

  10. I would ask my three big boys, What do you need from me that I do not provide?Or I just might ask, Do you know how muoch I love you all?

  11. I would ask my dog what he see’s in me that he would give up his life to defend me.

  12. Teija (border collie) was born deaf and blind so that is normal for her and she knows no different. Humans put the disabled label on her and some berate me as being cruel thinking it would have been kinder to have put her to sleep. We have developed a communication language through touch signs and she knows all her basic commands and even does agility for fun (including the jumps) and although she cannot run free when we are out she has a 50ft extending lead so can still play with the others. I think she has a good quality of life but I’d love to know what she thinks.

  13. I would ask Biggles the cocker why when I let him off his lead that he thought it was a good idea to go off for hours at a time before returning bedraggled.

  14. I’d ask my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel if there was anything I could do to make her life better.

  15. Well I would ask each of my 3 dogs a different question each, to start with Candie my 9year old Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, I would ask her why it is she constantly scratches and chews at her paws and eyes and ears, and what can I do to make it feel better and does it hurt, sting, or burn. Then to Echo my 2years old Jack Russell Terrier I would ask her, is there any other toy I can get you apart from the tatty roap toy you have had since 8weeks old, that you always carry around wit you. And Last but not least Shilo my Rhodisan Ridgeback x Lab I would ask her, how much will it take to fill you up, you eat your dinner then run to little Echos bowl and gobble all that up fast then you run over to Candies bowl and lick it clean, not to menchan trying to nick our pussy cats dinner to, are we not feeding you enough or are you just greedy :-) That is what I would ask my dogs.

  16. As an owner of a previously abandoned and ill treated dog with psychological problems relating to those cicumstances – I would ask what exactly happened to her. She was found wandering on the railway line crawling on her belly and, shaking. Her ears were full to the top with mud and, badly infected she weighed just three kilos ( now weighing twice that and healthy – not overweight )She was matted in who-knows-what. Her teats were full of milk and, she kept ‘stealing’ soft toys to ‘mother’ them. It’s a really sad thought that there may have been her puppies born while she was ‘on-the-run’ from her past circumstances and, she couldn’t get back to them. Or that she simply abandoned them through maltreatment. If our little lilly could talk it would surely be the most heart-wrenching reply.

  17. I’d ask my Labrador Retriever what she would really enjoy doing and she would likely reply, “Take me for a long walk.”

  18. I would ask Maisie, my one-year-old Border Terrier what she would like to do if she could have just one request.

    I couldn’t be certain of her answer but I know for sure it would be something the two of us could do and enjoy together, as there is only her and I and we do everything together. I suspect, and rather hope that she would ask to spend the day with her canine family as I remember her so fondly playing with them all as a puppy. Her breeder is someone who I would be very happy to spend a day chatting to whilst watching “the gang” play.

  19. I have two rescue dogs of which one was abused and is blind in one eye. I would to ask him what was done to him to cause him to loose sight in his eye. Thank GOD he is no longer fear aggressive and is living a normal loving dogs life now.

  20. Bearing in mind all the behaviourist theories I would ask my (rescue) bull mastiff cross
    “Would you be happier if you thought that I was the pack leader, or if you thought that you were the pack leader?”

  21. I have a 3 year old Lab., he is my second my first was like my right arm knew what I was thinking and so in tune with me, that was twenty years ago in between I have had westies x 2. I would have asked them all the same question ‘How am I doing in caring for you through your life, do you get my thinking and loyality to you my 4 legged friend’ My dogs give me such pleasure I would be desperate to know I am doing a good job. My 3 years lab loves me to bit’s I reckon?

  22. I would ask my 6 month old Lab/Mastiff puppy: After you have eaten, played games outside, walked, peed, pooped, why are you still barking?

  23. One question is not really enough !! i would ask our 7 rescue dogs – am i good enough and if not what should i do different -oh and do they know how happy they make me? and do they know how much i love them? oh and I cant count!!! :-)

  24. None, for exemple…i never gonna ask anyone or any thing if love me or whatever, i’ll just do my best to get that if no is not in my hand any more.
    But i let anyone to ask my guys what they thing about me.

  25. I would ask my dog are you happy and why do you only chew my things?
    I love my little 18month old staffie she is such a loving little thing but always very nerves but putting that down to here old owner beating her and tieing her in shower the she was only four months old I got her at five months and I didn’t realy think much off dogs but wow she has stole my heart and my cats love her and she loves them and my kids thinks she is great. I know my kids would ask her which one she like best lol.If anyone has anything that could help her not be so nerves open to them cheers x

  26. Like so many others, I would ask my beloved little Pogo if she’s happy, truly happy, and if not, what I can do to make her life the happiest it can be.

  27. I would ask my three Cavaliers if they really do know the difference between pet food and best human treat meat?

    The answer mummmmmmm

  28. i woulg ask my dogs is there anythere we do that they dislike so we could stop doing it

  29. Just tell me, What’s your favorite food?

  30. I would ask my Cavailier King Charles Spaniel why is she so frightened of my husband as he has never done anything to cause her to be frightened. In the hope I can have more understanding so I wouldn’t have to find her a new home (this is breaking my heart having to do this but I have to for her benefit and she comes first before anything else in my world).

  31. I would ask Tara what her life was like before she and Maya came to live with us and I would ask Maya what the secret to staying happy and positive is in light of what Tara just told us their lives were like.

  32. I would ask “Do you really understand the word ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’??

    And my westie would answer “Of course I DO! It’s just my favorite way to annoy YOU…”

    Seriously, I know he’s a smart dog. He just LOVE to keeps me on my toes

  33. I would ask my baby girl Lotty, a beautiful black & tan Staffie, whether she loves me and if she knows that I love her soooo much!

  34. Difficult… but i think I would like to ask him, if he understand what im saying, and if not what can i to make it better. I guess i would also just let im know that I only leave him alone because I cant help it (got to work).
    Well and i guess he would answer that even he doesnt understand me all the time… he knows i mean well!

  35. I would ask my pomeranian, “Why do you eat poop? It’s disgusting! What are you thinking?!

  36. I would ask my dog, what did they do to you at the animal shelter to make you so scared?

  37. If I was doing it right and they may say ‘mostly but there could be room for improvement’.

  38. Iwould ask Pippa my golden retriever does she miss not being able to have pups. I think she would say yes as she mothers the cat and looks after it like a pup.

  39. Having 8 dogs – am I allowed 8 questions??
    1) To my rescued Pugs (4 of them) I hope and pray that you have found happiness, peace and trust and love and that all your previous hurts have been healed
    2] To my other 2 pugs – I need to know that you two are happy with all the rescued pugs that we have taken in and loved – and to tell them that they will never be in a situation where they have to be rescued
    3] and to my 2 ‘pavement specials – also rescued… is the couch more comfortable than the hole in the ground that you were living in before you came home to us?
    4] And to ask them all ….if they love us as much as we love them?

  40. To my 15 year old I would ask if he felt okay or was he in any discomfort anywhere.
    To this I hope he would say he feels as fit as a fiddle

    To my 18 month old I would ask if his back legs are causing him any pain and can he cope with longer walks.
    To this I would hope he would say Let me off the lead I can cope.

    To my 10 year old who was a rescue and the other dogs I foster I would ask them to tell me their story.
    To this question…Who knows what the answer would be.

  41. I would be interested in talking to Pappy about his prior life when he was abused. What happened to him that caused him to bite at people’s feet when they attempt to step over him. I’m thinking that someone use to kick him. I would also like to ask him if he still remembers his sister Sandy. Before adopting Pappy I saw a picture of him & Sandy which showed their hair all messy in need of a trim and uncared for. It looked as if someone clipped parts. His sister was sick and they would not let her be adopted. We beleive she died because we were told if she got better we could adopt her also. Three years and no word. Pappy turned out to be a very loving little friend.

  42. I wood ask my yorkie mixed with laso ahpso who is a gurl who us named sparkle and my French bischon who is wite named kleetus which is a boy am I doin a good job takn care of them n if they said no I wood ask wat do I need 2 do 2 make them feel dat I am doin a good job

  43. I would ask my dog why she keeps licking her feet and what can I do to help her.

  44. I wouldn’t ask my dog anything, I already know.

  45. I love my husky Kyra and would ask her this one question, knowing the answer…

    ‘Why is it that not matter how I’m feeling you know how to cheer me up?’

    Kyra: ‘Because, no matter what, your there for me at the end of the day and I love you…and I’ve just chewed the kitchen floor!!!’

  46. I would like to know what shall we do to get his absolute trust? Bruno is a lovely staffie, around 2 and 1/2 years old and we found him in the rescue centre…his previous history is rather gloomy and not many details we were told. However, he’s now a part of our family and we love him very much, he’s a happy dog but still sometimes is afraid of us… I wish he could tell me what happened or what makes him scared and frightened…We want to tell him that this is his family now and we’ll not hurt him or abandon. He brought the purest kind of happinness to our hearts.If only I could ask what bothers him?…

  47. i have a old dog, thats a blue merl cross and if anything id ask her if shes happy at home and if there is anything that i can do to make things better.

  48. I would ask her to listen to me!!!!
    dont be so freaful of other people.

  49. i have a blue merl cross thats getting old now ,and i think that the qestion is…
    are you happy at home, and with me as the owner?

  50. I suppose it is a question; but it would be more like a request…..Would it be okay if I go with you on your last day?……….because the thought of life without you is unthinkable. i would honor her answer…she would know what is best for me.

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