Ouch! Why Do Puppies Bite?

Aww. Who doesn't love a puppy? All cute and furry, with their distinguished breath, adorable faces and those razor sharp, needle-like teeth that would give your average Piranha a run for its money. Wait. What?

Ouch! Why Do Puppies Bite?

Ahh yes. The puppy's mouth coupled with that innate fondness for flesh chomping and an as yet unlearned ability to judge the human pain threshold can be an unnervingly dangerous weapon. Embarrassing too. Who really wants to admit to all and sundry that they're covering up flesh wounds inflicted by the very vision of canine cuteness?

But let's have this right. When puppies bite, it does hurt and we do need to curtail the behaviour.

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Ouch! Why Do Puppies Bite?

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