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Marathon Runner Reunited With Stray Dog Who Followed Him & Now They’re Both Heading Home

Like all good stories the story of Dion Leonard, a marathon runner from Scotland, and a stray dog now named Gobi has many twists and turns along the way.

When Dion first met Gobi he had been taking part in a 250km ultra marathon run with 4deserts across China's Gobi desert when a stray dog started following him. Amazingly, she kept up with his pace and completed the marathon with him.

During the race, Dion decided that he couldn't be parted with the hardy little soul as the pair had become inseparable spending their days running and nights resting together.

But while waiting to be allowed to travel to the UK, Gobi suddenly went missing. A devastated Dion launched a search to find her with a Crowdfunding campaign behind them to help increase awareness and help them to Bring Gobi Home.

Thankfully, with the support of many willing the pair to be reunited, social media campaigns to drive awareness and hard work on the ground by Dion and volunteers keen to help, the pair have been reunited and as Dion told K9 Magazine, she's been glued to his side.

Here is their story in photos.

I definitely deserved a pat! Love running but its hard work keeping up with Dion! #tbt to being in #Gobi @4deserts #gobimarch @waaultra #dogsofinstagram #mansbestfriend #doglover#desertdog

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And then Gobi went missing.

A video posted by BringGobiHome (@bringgobihome) on

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/BringGobiHome

The days passed and as the search continued, Dion didn't give up hope. He encouraged people to keep Gobi in their thoughts and prayers.

Finally, after more days passed...

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The joy was clear for all to see.

Loving my 1st walkies with Dad, 1st time on a leash too but he tells me he's not taking any chances😉 #bringgobihome

A photo posted by BringGobiHome (@bringgobihome) on

I'm catching up on sleep and Dad's busy doing selfies! #dogselfie #mansbestfriend#itsadogslife

A photo posted by BringGobiHome (@bringgobihome) on

While their journey back home isn't yet complete, we wish the duo well and many, many happy years together. The bond between one man and his dog is clear to see.



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