Inside this edition of K9 Magazine....

  • Special Report: Why Does My Dog Ignore Me?
  • Interview With Sarah Jayne Dunn
  • Why Is My Dog Barking & How Do I Stop It?
  • How Can I Stop My Dog Begging?
  • eBook: Separation Anxiety Explained
  • Why Do Dogs Yawn?
  • Pet Friendly Britain: Kate Lawler & Her Dogs Visit Brighton
  • Ringworm in Dogs: What Is It, How to Avoid It
  • Which Dog Breeds Shed The Least?
  • Countdown To Christmas: Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers
  • K9 Kitchen: Part III
  • Best Dog Dining Products
  • Pancreatitis in Dogs: An Introduction
  • Constipation in Dogs: Symptoms & Causes
    ....& Lots, Lots More Inside!

K9 Magazine Issue 48

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