If Your Dog Rules the Roost, You’ll Do at Least 16 of These Things

Our dogs are a huge part of our families, but how much does your own dog rule the roost?

If you admit to at least 16 of these 20 things, then we're going to go out on a limb and say they pretty much set the agenda in your home.

So, how many of these things do you do?

Here's how I did.

1. You've got pictures of them in your house

2. You give them a nickname as well as their actual name

Just one nickname?

3. You can't imagine life with another dog

We all go into dog ownership knowing they won't be around forever, so cherish every moment.

4. They have their own space on the sofa

5. They sleep on the bed with you

Lots of us do it, and there are actually has some real benefits to having your dog sleep in your bedroom, according to scientists.

6. You celebrate their birthday

According to new research from Lintbells, more than one in ten have even marked their pet’s birthday with a party.

7. You include them in your Christmas family photos

8. You're happier staying in with them than going on a night out with friends

'Sorry I'm washing my dog's hair'

9. They're your phone screen saver

10. You pack a bag for your dog when you go away

What about the three-page instruction manual to go with it?

11. You refer to them as your child or furbaby

They're our responsibility, they rely on us to keep them happy and healthy.

12. You're always showing people pictures of them

Guilty as charged.

13. You've gone on holiday somewhere just because your dog would enjoy it

14. You tell them you love them more than your partner

According to the Lintbells study, a good proportion of dog owners admit that they're more likely to say 'hello' to their dog before their partner when arriving home.

15. You have the vet's number on speed dial

Surely most do?

16. You bought a house only after considering their needs

It's a growing trend.

17. You only go to dog-friendly pubs or restaurants

Never tried this. With three large dogs, one of which loves food and the other two which drool (a lot), it wouldn't be fair.

18. You've dedicated a whole area of your house or garden to their wellbeing

Other than the whole house or garden?

19. You make more effort feeding them than you do your own partner or kids


20. Your pet has a social media account

Mia, Danny and Chris to sort of takeover K9 Magazine's Instagram account - does that count?



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