How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

Each month in our quest to find out what's new, we ask our colleagues and friends to share their favourite dog products, but this month we decided to try something different - we wanted to find out what was most important to our friends and colleagues when buying a dog bed.

Every home has at least one (mine has nine, which seems excessive, I grant you) but every dog is different, so we wanted to know what's most important when it comes to choosing a dog bed.

With what we discovered, here are some of the best dog beds we've found to help you buy a dog bed that your dog (and you) will love.

There's something for everyone, so read on.

Scruffs® Insect Shield® Dog Mattress

Why we love: The technology effectively protects your dog against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies and ants.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

Scruffs® Insect Shield® bedding is treated with proven Insect Shield® technology and effectively protects your dog against: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.

The dog Mattress is constructed using light-weight fabrics, particularly suited for use during summer months.

Available in two sizes, with a removable cover and is machine washable.

Priced from £39.99 (RRP)


Unique Dog Beds Ltd

Why we love: These personalised dog beds are suitable for breeds of all shapes and sizes.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

UK based manufacturer of custom made stylish pet beds, bespoke to your requirements to match your home interior or just that touch of extra special luxury for your beloved fur baby.

After all, your pampered pets need somewhere to curl up after a busy day! All of our pictures displayed have been sent in personally by our lovely clients and their dogs.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

No paws are too big or too small! We make beds for all furry friends, ranging from very large dogs, to cats and rabbits.

We take pride in providing a professional, personal and friendly service, so why not get in touch and design yours today.

See what our customers are saying on Facebook and Instagram.


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Have you heard about...?

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

The Fabulous Dog Bed Company

Why we love: For those who like the ultra-luxury things in life, these bespoke dog beds need to be seen.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

Based in the heart of Cheshire, The Fabulous Dog Bed Company was set up to follow our passion to create what we believe are the finest, handmade, luxury dog beds you can find.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

Each one of our dog beds is meticulously built to last using only the finest materials available.

Priced from £280.00


George Barclay Country Box Bed

Why we love: This classic country inspired bed proved to be a hit with our review dogs.

When we were first offered the chance to review one of the country inspired box beds, Mia came to mind for the review. What I didn’t expect is that when it arrived, she’d have competition in the shape of Chris.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

It’s quite rare to find a bed that fits dogs at different ends of the age spectrum so well, Chris being a young dog, and Mia being 12, their needs are very different but both are being well met.

Price wise, this bed ranges from a little under £60 to a little over £100, depending on the size you need.

How to Buy a Bed Your Dog Will Love

For the quality, features and customisation of the pillow cushioning, it’s very good value and well priced for the market compared to similar beds.


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