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How Much Does Your Dog LOVE Spring?

How Much Does Your Dog LOVE Spring?

When Spring arrives you can almost feel the weight fall off your shoulders. The weather gets brighter and the muddy garden can finally (hopefully) dry out.

But best of all you'll finally be able to see that face your dog unleashes when they're bouncing around with the wind beneath their heels. You know the face don't you, the one which is full of pure unbridled joy.

Mia protecting her giant tennis ball

We think there are seven types of dogs who love Spring. Which most closely matches yours?

1. The dog with eyes that say 'hello sunshine, my old friend'!

How Much Does Your Dog LOVE Spring?

2. The dog who can't wait to gently bask in the warm weather.

How Much Does Your Dog LOVE Spring?

3. The dog who's so excited to go out that they make up their own language.

4. The dog who packs adventures into every outing.

dog running photo

5. The dog who's so excited that they can't stop smiling.

dog running photo

6. The dog who loves to exercise so much, they get involved in local marathons!

7. The dog who thinks life's a beach anyway, but it's even better when the weather (and sea) warms up.

dog running photo

Comment below and let us know which dog yours matches from our list of Spring loving dogs - we love hearing from you!


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