7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

If you've been weighing up the possibility of starting your dog on cold pressed dog food, you've probably got questions. You'd want to know some of the health benefits of cold pressed dog food.

For dog owners thinking of switching food, it's more often the case that a change in diet is being considered because existing foods are not quite working for various reasons. It could be your dog is suffering with problems such as bloating, stomach discomfort, flatulence, health loose stools or maybe even weight loss.

This short guide will outline some of the more interesting benefits health benefits of cold pressed dog food, why cold pressed dog food is gaining so much popularity and the reasons why cold pressed might be the ideal diet for your dog.

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Cold Pressed Dog Food For A Healthy Digestive System

Cold pressed dog food releases essential nutrients more slowly and breaks down from the outside hence it helps in guarding against the risk of bloating. This protects the stomach and intestinal tract, especially those with sensitive stomachs, and can make a positive contribution to natural complete bowel movement and total tract digestibility.

Health benefits of cold pressed dog food

More Nutrients in Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Cold pressed dog food is a unique method of cooking food safety pressed food that retains as much of the essential nutrient composition and natural preservative of natural ingredients by cold pressing the food at low temperatures.

It is quite a fact that the recipe, method, and process, ensure the correct balance of quality ingredients and maximum potency of anti-oxidants, sensitive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals incorporated in pet food ingredients for the canine diet.

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

Unlike high temperatures in traditional methods which results in the destruction of nutrients, proteins, vitamins A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, phytonutrients, and the complexing of starches reducing digestibility, these lower temperatures help to preserve the heat-sensitive natural enzymes and dietary fibres producing a portion of food with nutritional benefits intact with amino acids, vitamins, omega 3, and fatty acids, promoting greater digestibility, lower blood sugar levels, nutritional value, energy boost, immune function, healthy skin, and overall health.

With Cold Pressed Dog Food, You Can Feed Less

Cold pressed dog food breaks down gently into its food component and nutrient content thus making it easier to digest. Unlike most kibbles or dry dog food, it is free from fillers, poor quality by-products, and chemical preservatives thus the dogs get the full daily dose, optimum nutrition, and full health effect values of their meals requiring almost 30% less food supply by volume.

Cold Pressed Dog Food is Ideal for Sensitive Dogs

It is a health food and a natural pet food segment that comprises pet food ingredients and food components with nutritional integrity so your dog can enjoy the positive effect of a natural pet food product and an excellent optimal nutritional diet. The body and metabolism are not stressed out by chemical additives, unnecessary synthetic substances, or chemical preservatives brought by commercial pet food.

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

It is a healthy and excellent source of natural pet nutrition and a complete dog food with beneficial effects for promoting good gut health in dogs, particularly in dogs that are prone to allergies, dogs with heart health problems, with digestive disorders, overweight dogs, and those with a compromised immune system and immune response.

For instance, this is what the cold pressed dog food experts at pet food firm Cobbydog have to say about the health benefits of feeding cold pressed:

Cold pressed dog food creates a natural diet with the convenience of a complete dry food. It’s as close to raw feeding as possible and is suitable to feed alongside a raw diet. Cold Pressed Dog Food is nutritioanlly dense which means you don't need to feed as much as you would a kibble or raw diet.

Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Dog Food For Older Dogs, Smaller Dogs and Puppies

Cold pressed dog food is tastier than lots of other commercial dog food, processed food, or other dry dog foods, so it's more tempting for dogs with lower appetites, with nutritional needs, food intolerances, including elderly pets. Because cold pressed dog food is natural, it's highly palatable due to the preservation of the aromas and natural flavours of the natural ingredient.

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food
Happy, healthy dogs need the right food to thrive

Cold pressed dog food is of high quality, healthy, fresh ingredients with high nutritional content, hence reducing the likelihood of a reaction or adverse effects. The key health benefits of cold pressed dog foods are holistic and positively affect all areas of a dog's nutritional well-being.

One of the most prominent health benefits of cold pressed dog food is the promotion of good digestive health in a natural dog food diet. It's a good carbohydrate source and can be mixed with water if desired.

7 Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

Due to the retention of essential nutrients and functional ingredients from the food components of cold pressed food, the nutritional value and health benefits of a cold pressed diet can produce positive health effects such as:

  • weight gain in underweight dogs
  • body weight maintenance for healthy dogs
  • healthy joints
  • healthy skin
  • healthy coat condition
  • balanced blood sugar levels
  • good heart health and overall well-being.
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  • Cold Pressed at Low Temperatures – Less volume, less stomach load. Nutritionally dense, so less is needed compared to a kibble or raw diet
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  • Rich in Fish – Highly digestible and an excellent source of natural, bio-appropriate amino acids needed for growth, repair, and maintenance
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  • As Close to Raw Feeding as Possible – Suitable to feed alongside raw diets
  • Suitable for all Life Stages – Supports the body’s natural inflammation processes and supports healthy joints, skin and coat
  • Full of Good Stuff, None of the Rest – Free from chemical additives, artificial colours, flavourings and preservative
  • Good for Healthy Tums – It aids digestion, it has a positive effect on the microflora that occurs naturally in the stomach

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7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

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