Are Some Dog Breeds Greedier Than Others?

Ask a cross section of dog owners to name what they consider to be the greediest dog breed and you often get back the same answer.
"Why, it's Labradors of course."

But is it?

K9 Magazine decided to conduct a short straw poll of dog owners and asked them to rank their dog on the greedy-guts scale, 10 being a food-hoover and 1 being a picky-Pete.

To Ryan O’Meara, the results were surprising, and we discover that greediness is not so much breed specific, but another factor is at the heart of why some dogs happen to have a seemingly insatiable appetite.

greedy dog breeds

Most Greedy Dog Breeds

1. Boxer
2. Labrador
3. Beagle
4. Cross-breed *unspecified
5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Least Greedy Dog Breeds

1. Greyhound
2. Chihuahua
3. Jack Russell Terrier
4. Cocker Spaniel
5. Doberman

So, what was the bigger factor than breed?

Well, it perhaps come as less than a shock to learn, it's the number of dogs in the household.

Single dog households reported generally lower on the greed scale versus an average of 7.7 greediness for all dogs of all breeds in homes where more than one dog is present.

Previously in K9 Magazine we've tackled the thorny problem of how to stop greedy dogs begging. But what would you do if you owned a dog that was capable of eating things which, to put in bluntly, were never meant to be eaten.

Things like....

Rubber ducks
Fish (with hook)
Homer Simpson
2 Feet long sticks
Forks and knives
A fairy wand
Engagement ring
Mobile phone
Golf balls (9 of them, 9!)
Toy dog

(see the photographic proof of these in x-ray form -

Our pal the dog, ever the optimist, has developed quite the reputation for being willing to consider just about anything as potentially edible. But greediest breed? It seems the Labrador is off the hook on that score.

Does your dog's breed feature on the list? Do you agree with the results of our poll! Tell us your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Yes definitely it is. I have a yellow lab an its amazingly greedy. I challenge for ₹500 that my dog is the greediest among all. J
    He will bark whole day if the food is front him and she is tied.
    And if tested he will eat 1 pound of rice in only 8 sec I have tested.
    And if I wont give him any food he will die of barking.
    If u have a more greedy dog then I will challenge you

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