5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

I’ve written before about pet tech and how our first pet treat cam changed our oldest dog’s life.

It did, literally.

Where it lives is the focal part of the room for her now. She sits in front of it, pointedly looking at it, then at whoever is nearest, glancing at their phone, back at them and then back towards the treat cam.

In her eyes, and in fact anyone who’s ever seen her go through the routine, it’s obvious she’s saying, ‘hey, you’re here, so’s your phone, you have an app thing that works this gadget, don’t you? Be a sweetheart and start it up. You know it makes sense.’

And generally, it works. She knows how to work us over, clearly.

5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

It’s also been a pretty unusual and often amusing talking point to share with friends when we’re not at home.

Showing them it in action by starting the pet treat camera up, watching her rush to the pet treat dispenser on the camera is always funny.

We’ve tried three pet treat cams over the years. We love the Furbo and we do for these five reasons.

1) It dispenses treats

A basic function of a treat dispensing pet treat cam, but what the Furbo does well is that you can’t overfeed your dog because the capacity is set to a decent level without being excessive.

5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

2) It has a two-way mic

Not all dog treat cams do, but the Furbo does.

This means if you use the app to call in and chat with your dog while you’re away from home, they can hear you and you can hear them.

5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

3) It alerts you when your dog is barking

Incredibly useful if you have a dog as we do, Danny, who suffers from separation anxiety. He won’t bark while we’re at home so catching him to stop him barking is difficult.

With the Furbo, it alerts us with a push notification and we can call in via the app, talk to him and give him some treats. This usually does the trick because no more alerts come in.

Just make sure you don’t take offence if you are singing or have music playing and the app alerts you that your dog is barking. It’s happened more than once to me.

5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

4) You can take photos, videos and personalise

The app is easy to install and use. You can take videos and photos (even at night time) of your dog in front of their Furbo with their ‘Furbo Faces’ as we call them, ready and waiting to hear you talk or dispense treats.

Through the app, you can also personalise the greeting played when treats are dispensing. Mine, originally enough, says ‘who wants a biscuit?’.

5 Times the Furbo Dog Camera Has Been a Game Changer

5) Friends and family can use the app to call up and give treats

Recently, my oldest dog, Mia was ill and I’ll be honest, we weren’t sure she’d make it through the Summer.

My brother in law has been a regular user of our pet treat cam app, using my login details, and has often used when he’s out and about to share the experience with friends.

During Mia’s illness, she couldn’t have visitors so the Furbo app and treat cam became a way family could check in with her, dish out some treats (much to her delight) and feel connected.

The article is sponsored by Furbo Dog Camera.

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