Introducing Dogrobes: The Easy Way to Dry Your Dog

As a dog owner with three large dogs aged between 3-12 years old, I am always looking for new ways to help make sure walks goes off without a hitch and living so close to Sherwood Forest, wet and muddy dog walks are par for the course – and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

However, now my oldest, Mia, is 12 I’m more conscious than ever that her coat is wet for as little time as possible after our outdoor adventures. As an avid rain dodger, I think she feels the same too.

Paralympian Harriet Lee reviewed a Dogrobe for us recently and said, “It's been a complete game changer for us (and the car)” and so last year, K9 Magazine awarded Dogrobes, manufacturers of the uniquely designed drying dog coat, with our ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ award.

So, taking Harriet’s lead and while researching products for Mia, here’s what I discovered about Dogrobes that I think you might find interesting too.

Who are Dogrobes and why should you know about them?

Dogrobes are based in Scotland and their products are all designed and made in Britain.

Introducing Dogrobes: The Easy Way to Dry Your Dog

Whether your dog is a toy breed or the size of a mini horse (a Newfoundland), Dogrobes has your dog covered – literally. You can even request made to measure sizes if needed.

2018 is set to be a big year for the award-winning manufacturer too.

After recently launching a new tartan Dogrobe (which I have to say is particularly striking and tugging on my Scottish roots), they have also launched two new products.

The first is a snood made from the same innovative towelling fabric as the original Dogrobe coat and is exclusive to Dogrobes. The snood is designed to dry a dog’s head, neck and ears and is available in a good range of colours.

The second is a drawstring bag that you can match to your snood or Dogrobe and will help you to keep everything in one place.

And that’s not all.

Introducing Dogrobes: The Easy Way to Dry Your Dog

Being dog owners themselves, car safety is paramount to the team behind Dogrobes and so after speaking veterinary experts, they are now offering dog owners the chance to customise their drying dog coat with a harness access opening so your dog can wear their drying coat on the way home and if you’re a harness user, travel safely too.

So, how do the drying dog coats and snoods work?

They are designed to dry your dog’s coat, neck, head and ears quickly and easily – and have the added bonus of concealing that wet dog smell!

Introducing Dogrobes: The Easy Way to Dry Your Dog

When Harriet reviewed the coat for K9 Magazine with her dog Baya Bear, she told us how it worked and that the benefits extend all year round, “We put his drying coat on him after a wet walk and we discovered it worked just as we needed it to. It absorbed the water from his Labradoodle coat really well.

“Dogrobes say the secret as to why this happens is the longer loops on the inside of every Dogrobe, specially designed to optimise drying time to approximately 30 minutes.

“The coat also took away the chill and he was perfectly warm, but I also discovered through their site that in the summer when using in the same way, the water-soaked fabric will keep him cool.”

Dogrobes drying coats and snoods are machine washable and made from long-lasting material too, so once you’ve finished with them, pop them in at 40 degrees and they’ll be ready for your next walk.

The all-important question – how much do they cost?

This depends on your dog’s size and just how personalised you want your Dogrobe kit to be.

For example, when choosing your colour and pattern, you can also choose to have your dog’s name embroidered to personalise or if you’re a harness user, the option to add a harness access opening might be just what you want.

Introducing Dogrobes: The Easy Way to Dry Your Dog

But to give you a rough idea, in a mini size without the customisations mentioned, a complete kit, including a snood, drawstring bag and Dogrobe will cost you £29.90 (Dogrobes give the snood free when you order a complete kit – bonus!).

Priced from £9.95 (for a snood), £10.95 (for a drawstring bag), £18.95 (for a Dogrobe).

And if you need an extra incentive to check them out, money from every Dogrobe sold is donated to their chosen dog rescue. This year they’re supporting Cinque Ports Rescue.

Read owner reviews and buy online at

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