Countdown to Christmas: Day 13

Welcome to Day 13 of our mini advent calendar series - we're nearing the end with only two more days to go! See today's question below and enter today to give you a chance to win a bundle of goodies worth more than £150 for you and your dog.

Countdown to Christmas: Day 13

Today's question...

How clever is your dog?

To enter today's advent calendar and give your dog a winning chance to receive our bundle of goodies, all you have to do is tell us how many words this research tells us our dogs can understand.

(Helpful hint: click this link)

Answer the question using the comments form below remembering to include your name, dog's name, email address (hidden behind your username) and answer to today's question so you can be entered into the prize draw to win a bundle of gifts your dog will love you for.

Don't forget to check your email tomorrow for Day 14's question and good luck!

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