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Can You Name Which Countries These 15 Dog Breeds Originate From?

This quiz about the origins of dog breeds will put your knowledge to the test. Are you up to the challenge?

Can You Name Which Countries These 15 Dog Breeds Originate From?

Did you know that there are over 360 recognised dog breeds around the world? That's a lot of dogs!

Put your dog knowledge to the test and see how well you do identifying which countries these 15 dog breeds originally came from.

Once you're done, share with your circle of friends and see who's the real dog expert in your pack! (We bet it's you).

#1. Which country was the first (modern) Beagle born in?

#2. Which country are Chihuahuas from?

#3. Which country were the Tahltan Bear Dogs originally from?

#4. Where is the Chow Chow from?

#5. Which country is the Kokoni dog from?

#6. Where are Chinook dogs from?

#7. Where do Cane Corsos come from?

#8. Which country was the first Labradoodle bred in?

#9. Which country is the Shiba Inu from?

#10. Which country are Salukis originally thought to be from?

#11. Where do Komondor dogs originally come from?

#12. Where was the first Otterhound dog bred?

#13. Where do Papillions originate from?

#14. Which country are Leonbergers from?

#15. Which country is the Pharaoh Hound from?

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