Dog Age Calculator: How Old Is My Dog In Human Years?

Are you ready to learn how old your dog REALLY is? Our special calculator will help you tell your dog's real age in human years and why it's important to know (as well as fun to learn).

You’ve probably heard the dog to human age calculation that says every dog year is worth seven human years. On this basis you'd believe that a 10 year old Alaskan Malamute is the equivalent of a 70 year old human, right? Wrong! The 1:7 dog years comparison is a myth and it's wrong for two reasons.

The first year or two years of a dog's life represent some 18–25 years, rather than 7 or 14 as the 1:7 ratio would have you believe. And the second reason it's wrong is because it varies depending on a dog's size and breed.

Inside this special eBook, we’ve put together a simple human to dog age calculator for you to work out how old your dog really is based on their age and size to give you a more accurate comparison, sharing advice from experts about what it all means whether your dog's a puppy or advancing in years.

So, are you ready to bust some myths and discover your dog's true age (and what it all means)?


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