Disney’s Paxton Booth on Why He Loves Pitbulls

Paxton Booth grew up around dogs and tells us almost all of his memories involve dogs.

“My earliest memory is my dad reading me to sleep at night and both of my dogs laying in bed with me listening to the story too. Actually only one would listen, the other snored so loud!”.

When he was born his family already owned two Pitbulls, Fergie and Squirt. At the time he wasn’t aware that there were myths around the breed, only that they were loving dogs. But as he got older, he started noticing things like people crossing the street when his family went for a dog walk. So he asked his mum, a vet tech, why that was and she told him that there were certain myths around dogs like theirs.

Disney’s Paxton Booth on Why He Loves PitbullsPhoto Credit: Adam Kent Photography

Through storytelling, the ten-year-old Disney star is on a mission to encourage people around his age to share their own stories to debunk myths around Pitbulls.

He told us more when we caught up with him recently to meet his new rescue dog, Ripley.

Hi Paxton! Thanks for chatting with us today.

Thanks for having me!

You’ve just got a new puppy, haven’t you? Tell us all about her.

My new puppy is a Pitbull mix that my family and I just adopted from Paw Works. We call her Ripley! She is absolutely adorable and is about nine-weeks-old. Her personality is already shining through. She’s a little sassy and extra cuddly. It’s the perfect mix.

Disney’s Paxton Booth on Why He Loves PitbullsPaxton and Ripley / Photo Credit: Adam Booth

When did you meet your first Pitbull? 

The first Pitbulls I met were my two girls, Fergie and Squirt. They were already in my family when I was born, so I didn’t know of any myths about the breed. To me, they were just my dogs who loved me no matter what. It wasn’t until I was older that I noticed that people would cross to the other side of the street when we would take them for walks. I was confused, so I asked my mom why.

She explained that there are myths about the breed and it makes some people afraid of them. I wish those people would of met my dogs, and maybe it would of changed their minds.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Pitbulls?

There are a lot of misconceptions, but the biggest is that they are born mean. That is a behaviour that they are taught, not born with.

Disney’s Paxton Booth on Why He Loves PitbullsPaxton is a Child Pet Ambassador for LA animal rescue Paw Works / Photo Credit: Adam Kent Photography

Tell us about a favourite memory that you have of one of your dogs.

My favourite memory is with my dog Squirt. We would sit on the back porch steps almost every morning. She would sit and sunbathe while I ate breakfast. We would watch the birds eat too, but she made sure they didn’t get too close!

If you could say one thing to someone nervous about Pitbulls because of what they've read about them, what would you say?

I would probably tell them that a Pitbull is just a dog with a bad reputation. No dog is born mean, and they all deserve a chance. I bet if you met just one it would change your mind!

Disney’s Paxton Booth on Why He Loves Pitbulls
Ripley / Photo Credit: Adam Booth

And finally, what would you like to achieve by being a young advocate for Pitbulls?

I’d like to change at least one person’s opinion about the breed. I also would like to have more kids my age join me. Just about all of us are on social media and it’s so easy to share a positive story about Pitbulls. We need to educate and not discriminate!

Many thanks, Paxton!

Paxton is currently starring as Ollie Wrather on the Disney Channel series 'Coop & Cami Ask the World'. Join him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your own dog stories and Pitbull tales.

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