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Deaf Dogs: Advice for New Owners

Deaf Dogs: Advice for New Owners

Protective, lovable and loyal, these are just some of the characteristics of the Boxer dog. Like most dogs however the Boxer can be born with a health condition that can sometimes go unnoticed if it isn’t being looked for.

Zerin Mewa discovered that when it comes to choosing your new companion, a puppy or a rescue, there is a chance that he or she may be deaf, if you choose an adult you may be informed of their deafness. However, if you bring home a puppy it may not be immediately obvious that your puppy may be deaf.

Offering any dog a home is a lovely feeling, but offering a deaf Boxer a home is just that little bit more satisfying. However, remember that training any dog is a challenge, training a deaf dog is not any easier. You will need patience, devotion, care, understanding, attention and most important of all, time.

About 20% of Boxers are born deaf due to their lack of pigmentation and suppression of blood supply to their inner ear (cochlea). White Boxers are particularly prone as the genes that carry the deafness are inheritable.

Deaf Dogs: Advice for New Owners

[premiumcontent] Remember, any dog is a companion, just because yours has a health condition it does not make them any less important or lovable. Living with a deaf Boxer is just like living with any other animal, it just requires that little bit more patience and love! The outcome of all this will be a rewarding feeling for you, and your companion becoming your new best friend.

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