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Could Your Dog Be a Love Matchmaker?

Could Your Dog Be a Love Matchmaker?

It’s not easy finding love in the 21st century, thanks to hectic work schedules and lack of sleep, writes Ellie Akhgar. Finishing your day at five and popping off to a bar in the hope that you will meet your future partner may even seem a bit of a chore. This is a common scenario: you notice someone that attracted to, but either cannot pluck up the courage to approach her/him, or even when you do, you realize that you have nothing in common and are left with an urge to escape from the whole deflating experience. So, how about putting your dating troubles into the reliable paws of your pooch?

Could Your Dog Be a Love Matchmaker?

June McNicholas, a health psychologist from Warwick University, suggests that walking your dog may increase your chances of getting a date or being “chatted up” by up to 1000%. After a number of trials held in the West Midlands, her research has shown that at least 40% of dog owners found it easy to make friends and meet new people just by having their own dog. Speaking to The Telegraph, June McNicholas concluded, “People often find it difficult to break the ice with a stranger and the dog is a perfect way to start a conversation.”

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