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Could These 4 Products Be the Answer to Your Dog’s Health Concerns?

If you're anything like me, to feel at your best as a pet parent you need to know that whatever the situation, you've got a solution at home. My dogs even have their own cupboard with potions, lotions and supplements just waiting in case they're ever called upon.

Of course, this may sound mad but it's as much for peace of mind as anything.

In the latest instalment of our 'Best Dog Products' series, we're focusing on four dog health products, each a little different, covering some of the most common ailments and health-linked concerns. I hope you like them!

Thanks also go to Bryan the Miniature Dachshund and his owner, Ali Drew, for giving their thoughts on the subject too.

For All DogKind Calming Aid Supplements

If you own an anxious dog, as I do, it’s always worth investigating new calming supplements. My rescue dog Danny suffers from separation anxiety, as well as noise phobias, so I always have supplements handy to help settle him down. These look particularly interesting because they’re a chew!

For All DogKind say: “Designed as tasty soft chews our CALMING AID uses a beneficial blend of vitamin B1, chamomile and ginger to help keep your dog’s stress levels balanced during anxious situations. Ideal for nervous dogs, separation issues, fireworks and car travel.

“We know the importance of a happy, healthy dog that’s why all of our tasty soft chew supplements have functional and nutritional benefits to support digestion, joints and anxiety. Made with natural ingredients and formulated by veterinarians our everyday treats benefit your dogs’ health and wellbeing. For ours. For yours. For All DogKind.”

Price £17.99 (60 soft chews)

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Scruffs® Insect Shield Doggy Mattress

It’s coming up to that time of year where insects, fleas, flies and more, come to mind. This dog bed helps you to protect your dog against them. Well worth looking at!

Scruffs say: “Scruffs® has partnered with Insect Shield® to develop a collection of pet bedding and accessories, using Insect Shield® built-in insect protection. The active ingredient is odourless and invisible, effectively protecting your dog against: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.”

Price £39.99 (RRP, medium)

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Have you heard about...?

PetWeighter – the dog bowl that stays!

I have three large dog breeds, so bowls like this really appeal because it instantly elevates their eating position and helps to prevent stooping. And as an added bonus, you can fill the bottom up with sand or water, for example, to keep the bowl in place if your dog has a habit of travelling with the bowl while they eat.

PetWeighter say: “PetWeighter is a strong, sturdy dog bowl that prevents spillages and mess. Its elevated height ensures your dog won’t need to stoop to eat or drink.

“Comprising a detachable bowl with a base that can be filled with water or sand, it’s dishwasher-friendly and chew-resistant. Choose from red, turquoise or pink. Visit:

Price £24.99

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PET HEAD Paw & Body Wipes

I’m a big fan of anything that’s small and can be kept handy in cupboards, drawers or even the car, to help get rid of dirt and keep my dogs clean. We asked Bryan and Ali to put these paw and body wipes to the test for us.

Ali says: “Even though Bryan is smooth-haired, he can still get dirty when he’s out and about. We have found the Pet Head Paw & Body Wipes are great to be kept in the car, ready to be used straight after a walk.

“It means Bryan can be wiped clean before jumping on the car seats and is perfect if you have a messy pup but are short of time! They are hypoallergenic, so great for those dogs with sensitive skin and have a lovely orange scent. The pack contains 50 wipes, so will last you a while and they’re sure to stay fresh for all that time as the pack is re-sealable.”

Price £6.49

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