Chiropractic Care For Dogs

Back injuries and back problems mean far more than simple mobility issues. The spine plays a huge part in the body's function, it conducts the signals that tell the organs what to do and it controls reflexes. Spinal problems are unfortunately more common in certain breeds, especially large breeds or breeds with long backs.

If the spine is compromised, paralysis, organ problems and lameness are potential outcomes. And it doesn't take much for the spine to become compromised. Especially in breeds such as Dachshunds.

But with the right care and right preventative steps, spinal problems can be fixed or even avoided. Effective treatment can take a dog from being paralysed back to his former self - without drugs or surgery. Chiropractics can be used to reposition important parts of the spine after they've become displaced, enabling them to function again.

Chiropractic Care For DogsDr. Josée Gerard tells how she used her bare hands to fix one little dog who'd gone from romping around the garden to suffering paralysis from the waist down and had lost control over his bowels and bladder.

In this special report:

We explain the less talked about problems that come with spinal injury.
We uncover the hidden risks that can lead to spinal injury.
We reveal just how easy it is for dogs to experience spinal problems.
We expose how selective breeding has contributed to the problem.
We learn how chiropractic expertise can save a seemingly lost cause.

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Chiropractic Care For Dogs

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