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The Best Dogs of Instagram (what do you think number 6 is looking for!)

The Best Dogs of Instagram (what do you think number 6 is looking for!)

We all love taking photographs of our dogs and with our phones, tablets and well, very nearly everything having a high quality camera on it, it makes it easier to take photographs on the go of our beloved pets.

Here we've found 12 of what we think are the best dogs on Instagram worth admiring and following.

1. Meet Boston, George and Gertie!

Photo by muttadventures

Follow the crew @muttadventures

2. Meet Auggie!

Photo by auggnatious

Follow Auggie @auggnatious

3. Meet Dudge!

Photo by boxerdudge

Follow Dudge @boxerdudge

4. Meet Cisco!

Photo by ciscolo

Follow the memorial to Cisco @ciscolo

5. Meet Ody!

Photo by odylovesyoda

Follow Ody @odylovesyoda

6.  Meet Haru!

Photo by humative - haru

Follow Haru @humative

7. Meet Ubergoo the red Dobi!

Photo by ubergoo

Follow Ubergoo @ubergoo

8. Meet the Malamute gang!

Photo by malamutepacklife

Follow the Malamutes @malamutepacklife

9. Meet Penni and Muru!

Photo by murunlauma

Follow Penni and Muru @murunlauma

10. Meet Wally!

Photo by wallythewelshcorgi

Follow Wally @wallythewelshcorgi

11. Meet Diesel!

Photo by diesel_the_frenchie

Follow Diesel @Diesel_the_frenchie

12. Meet Gibson!

Photo by yourdogcharlie

Follow Gibson & Charlie @yourdogcharlie


We hope you've enjoyed our collection of some of the best dogs of Instagram - feel free to share your own accounts and spread the word about your own dogs by commenting on the post and leaving your account address :)


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gerry Rigley

    August 8, 2014 at 8:42 am

    I love my dogs, they are my friends who keep me sane, I also enjoy looking at other peoples captured images of their pets who always seem to be happy doing the simple innocent things that make us all smile.
    My web site has thousands of shots of my gang, mostly in the early morning on the beach before the sun says good morning, please enjoy with my compliments and keep up the good work….Gerry

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