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Here’s 4 of the Best Dog Apps We’ve Found for Dog Owners in 2019

If you're anything like me, your phone might have slowly morphed into the portal that keeps your day running smoothly because it feels like I have an app for everything.

But I console myself with the fact I'm probably not alone since the app market has exploded over recent years with each new app aiming to make our days run smoother or entertain us in some way.

Mia loves her pet treat camera apps

In the latest instalment of our Best Dog Products series, we've taken a look at what's new on the market in 2019 and we've put together four of the best apps for dog owners that we think you need to know about.

Here they are...

Meet Like-Minded People With This New App!

Introducing Woofr, the world’s first doggy dating site and ‘social pet-work app.

Woofr explains how their app works:

“Woofr is the world’s first doggy dating site and ‘social pet-work’. Based on similar principles to modern dating apps like Tinder, users are able to add pictures and create a profile of their pooch! Then, using geo search, and even searching by breed, are able to search for similar hounds in their area!

“Once they find the paw-fect partner, a quick swipe to the right and then they can get chatting before setting up a doggy play date! Who knows, love could be on the cards for hoomans too!”

App price: Free to download.


This App Puts a New Spin on Dog Training…

Introducing Dogo, the dog training app.

Dogo is free to download and under the free subscription, you get access to materials to help you teach your dog five basic tricks. You can set daily dog training reminders and use the in-app clicker to help teach your dog new tricks. You can also take an exam which will be graded by a professional dog trainer.

If you find it addictive and want to learn more, there is also an option to upgrade to a premium service with subscription plans with access to more materials.

App price: Free to download.


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Have you heard about...?

Tune Into Your Dog’s Lifestyle With This Great App!

Introducing Animo, the lifelong behaviour monitor for your dog.

Sure Petcare explains how their app works with Animo:

“Animo is a collar-mounted behaviour and activity monitor which identifies your dog’s unique behaviour patterns.

“Used with the Sure Petcare Animo app, discover your dog’s normal behaviour profile, making it easy to spot changes, such as increased barking, and shaking to quickly address changes which may be caused by distress, allergies or ongoing medical conditions. Plus see how much exercise they get too!”

App price: Free to download.


This App Is Completely Ridiculous…But It Does Let You Make Your Pet Talk, So There Is That…

Introducing My Talking Pet, the app that gives your pets a voice (literally).

This app is something that you will either have to have or will think it’s so ridiculous you can’t imagine why you have to share the planet with someone who can’t stop laughing at it. Whichever camp you fall into, there are a few things you should know.

Essentially, the app allows you to bring your dog’s photos to life by uploading your pet’s photo and making them speak, so if you’ve always imagined that your dog had a specific accent, this app lets that dream become a reality. The app then converts it into a video and you can share on Facebook or by email.

To get access to the video there’s a fee and costs range from £3.49 – £28.99 on the Pro version (the Pro version lets you do lots more, such as convert your pet into a digital personal assistant, so they can tell you the latest news or weather forecast).

It’s a bit bonkers, but might be right up your street. I won’t admit that I have downloaded it – but I won’t admit that I haven’t not downloaded it either.

App price: Free to download.




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