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Are Your Dog’s Muddy Paw Prints Driving You Mad?

Over the last 17 years, I've been reviewing pet products for K9 Magazine with the help of my dogs. Our most recent in-house trio of review dogs are led by Mia, an almost 12 year old Rottweiler and her two boisterous sidekicks, Christopher, who is 3 and Danny, who is around 5.

With their ages being so spaced out, we don't often find products which suit everyone, so when I knew this bed was en-route my first thoughts were 'it's ideal to withstand a thrashing by Danny', who is quite happy to thrash his bed or toys in time to his favourite rock music (seriously) and 'thank god it's waterproof' because boisterous boys + Autumn = more muddy paw prints than any sane person should have to handle.

The Scruffs®ArmourDillo Robust Dog Bed Review

The ArmourDillo Bed (£99.99-£129.99) is much more than a tough dog bed though. Part of Scruffs collection of orthopaedic memory foam pet beds, it is made with a foam core topped with memory foam so it can shape to your dog's body giving comfort and support, so I began to wonder if I had judged it wrongly? Perhaps it would be ideal for Mia's ageing joints too?

You can choose from two sizes: medium (90x60x12cm) and x-large (116x75x15cm) and you have two colour choices, red with the grey front and brown with the same grey front to tone.

This bed is a mix of two styles - tough and durable with the resilient 1680 Denier ballistic material covering the bed which Scruffs say is 'near-impregnable', making it ideal for dogs who like to chew or are quite tough on their beds and an orthopaedic pet bed, which you would often assume is ideal for mid-older aged dogs and it's not often you see the two married together so it's a really interesting bed.

Unlike some orthopaedic beds, although firm, this one is really quite lightweight so perfect for lifting and moving. My guess is this might be down to the foam core.

The bed's ballistic cover is designed to be scratch and chew resistant (reinforced by the double stitching at the seams) and it has an inner layer which is 100% waterproof, so it can be used outdoors or in kennels.

It didn't take me long to learn that the tough exterior of the bed can handle muddy paw prints with a quick wipe down to clean the outside, so it could even make the perfect travel bed if you're looking for something with more of a cushion for your dog to sleep on while you travel.

Underneath you can access the foam core bed inside by opening the Velcro-fastening, giving you the chance to wash when needed.

Like I say, it's a really interesting bed. If your dog is a hardy soul who likes to give their beds a hard time, whether it be by chewing or digging, but you're equally conscious they need a decent level of comfort and support from the cushion - this bed could be the one for you. The quality of material, stitching and durability of the cushion tells me it will age well and has been built to last.

At times Mia wanted something a little softer to lie on, so I threw a blanket over the top on those occasions.

It's always great to see new innovations coming to the pet market and this bed is certainly one of those.

No two pets are the same, so it stands to reason that by and large their needs could be just as unique, but unlike a lot of the dog beds we've reviewed the marrying of this bed's orthopaedic centre with durable Denier ballistic material on the outside means this bed might just be one suitable for all of our dogs and their individual needs.

Did the Scruffs ArmourDillo bed live up to its robust and waterproof claims?
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