5 Different Dog Types to Adopt

Making the choice to adopt a dog is easy. However, it takes careful thought to decide which dog is best for your circumstances.

We’ve put together a guide on five of the most popular dog types to adopt. This can help you make an educated decision.

1. Shepherds

5 Different Dog Types to Adopt
Source: Pxhere

Generally regarded as the most intelligent of all dog breeds, Shepherd dogs are an ideal family pet.

Shepherd dog breeds include the Border Collie and the German Shepherd. They have worked alongside humans for centuries, helping to herd livestock and guard humans.

Their intelligence and focus are perfect in a working environment. In a home setting, they require significant daily exercise and mental stimulation to stop them from becoming destructive.

Humans have carefully bred Shepherd breeds over time to use their hunting instincts without the need for aggressive tactics. As a result, these dogs are great around children.

The size of Shepherd dogs varies widely. Their average weight is 20-40kg and height 50-75cm. Although keeping Shepherd dogs requires time and effort, what you get in return – a trusted companion and guard – is more than worth it.

2. Pit Bulls

5 Different Dog Types to AdoptSource: Pxhere

Pit Bulls have endured a bad reputation. They have been linked to a number of attacks on humans in the national press.

Humans first bred Pit Bulls for hunting purposes, teaching them to pin down cattle or retrieve shot birds. Strength is one of their main assets, so you need to be in good physical shape to look after one.

While it’s certainly true that they can become aggressive, this is largely due to how they are brought up.

In the right home, a Pit Bull will thrive. They are intelligent and easy to train, with the ability to respond to around 20 different human commands. They are also great family dogs and very gentle with children.

Their adaptability is another great feature. They are the best dog breeds for apartments. They require daily exercise, but once they have been for a walk, they’re happy to play the part of a couch potato.

If you want a dog that is intelligent, active, fun, and flexible, a Pit Bull is a great choice.

3. Terriers

5 Different Dog Types to AdoptSource: Pixabay

They may be small in size, but Terriers don’t let that get in their way. They have a sassy personality which means they’ll tackle almost any challenge – big or small – head on.

Humans first bred terriers to hunt vermin. Their small size made them ideal to fit into tight spots. When they couldn’t reach their prey, they were taught to dig underground. This technique is seen in gardens around the world today!

Terriers are fiercely territorial. They will bark at the slightest of strange sounds, making them a living burglar alarm.

As they’re hard to train, they aren’t the best pet to keep if you have small children. They have a lot of energy and require daily exercise. Only consider adopting one if you have the patience to put up with their constant need for attention.

On the flip side, Terriers are a lot of fun to look after. No two days will ever be the same in their company, and their small size means you can take them almost anywhere with you.

4. Chihuahuas

5 Different Dog Types to AdoptSource: MaxPixel

Chihuahuas are the smallest of all dog breeds, with some fully-grown adults only 14cm in height. There are only two different breeds: the smooth coat and the long coat.

Their origins are hard to trace, although the ancient Aztecs reportedly believed that the dogs had the power to heal the sick and see into the future.

Chihuahuas are intelligent and often compete alongside larger dogs in shows, despite their small size. They are feisty and stand up in the face of much larger adversaries, similarly to terriers. Due to this, you should give extra consideration to owning one if you have very young children.

If you have a small home, a Chihuahua could be your only realistic chance of owning a dog. Luckily, their mixture of personality and affection makes them a fantastic companion.

5. Crossbreeds

5 Different Dog Types to Adopt
Source: Gumtree

Cross bred dogs have recently increased in popularity. They combine the best features of two different dogs to create a breed more intelligent or attractive than a singular breed.

Great examples are the Schnoodle, Labradoodle, and Shorkie. These dogs are harder to find due to the high demand. Look online and at your local adoption center to see what there is in your area.

Mixed breed dogs are a great choice because of their intelligent and friendly dispositions. Furthermore, they suffer from less health complications than pedigree dogs, as they haven’t been bred over a long time.

Whatever your needs are, there will be the perfect breed of dog for you to adopt. Do your research before adopting to ensure you find a good fit. Once that’s done, all you have left to do is enjoy the company of your furry friend.

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