Issue 64

Puppy Series: 5 Sure-Fire Tips to Keep Your Puppy Occupied

If you’re one of the lucky few K9 Magazine readers who’ve recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, congratulations! You’ve done your homework, selected the breed that best matches your lifestyle and now K9 Magazine can keep you fully abreast of all the important things you will need to know about raising your puppy into a happy, healthy, well behaved dog.

In part two of our puppy series, we’ll show you how to keep your new dog’s attention focused on anything other shortening the chair legs and rewiring the household electrics.

All of the games and skills discussed below are designed to contribute to both the fun and the positive upbringing of your puppy. These energy-producing exercises act as building blocks that make advanced training easier and enhance the bond between owner and puppy.

Grooming Practice: Starting grooming procedures at an early age.

This will teach your puppy acceptance of hands-on treatment over all parts of his body and emphasizes relaxed "stays." Grooming also assures the owner of dominance as nails are cut and teeth are cleaned, as the puppy learns to be quiet and tolerate-these "house-cleaning" techniques.

Hide & Seek: This game is fun for owners and puppies alike and helps teach your puppy how to come.

Here's how:

1. Put your puppy on a sit-stay or have someone else hold his leash.
2. Hide behind a nearby tree or, if inside, a piece of furniture.
3. Wait five seconds, then call him excitedly.
4. When he "finds" you, praise him with lots of love and a tidbit or ball.
5. Make each hiding place a little harder and a little farther away. Sometimes return to your puppy and end the game at that point so he will not think he always has to leave to get you near him.

Find The Toy: To teach early discrimination by smell.

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