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5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Have you ever got ready to leave for work one morning and looked at your dog heading back to bed for a morning snooze and just for a moment wished you could switch places, even just for a day?

There are many things which make dogs great, from their heightened sense of smell to their ability to hear the faintest of crackles coming from the kitchen as you open a pack of biscuits (even though they somehow managed to not hear you calling their name to come inside less than 10 minutes ago).

We've selected just 5 reasons that we think will do nothing to banish those thoughts, if anything, they'll make you more envious. Still, if you can't actually be a dog you might as well have fun looking at some who are living life on their own terms, right?

You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin & Don't Care What the Camera Thinks

It's easy to be camera conscious in an era of mobile phones which take bigger and better photos as each new handset launches on the market, but sometimes you just have to say 'Hey, take me as I am. I'm running and I'm happy, now throw that ball!'.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Even on those days when you just can't tame that mane, it's okay.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Your Imagination Can Make Pretty Much Everything Fun

Imagine having the ability to turn anything into a moment of fun, it would be great wouldn't it?

No One Can Burst Your Bubble If You're Having a Great Day

There are many traits a dog has that we wish we could emulate. Unconditional love is something dog owners often say is one of the main reasons a dog is man's best friend. Another is a dog's positive mental attitude and approach to life.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Normal Age Restrictions Don't Apply

As a person there comes an age where skateboarding, for example, is just no longer an option for you. You may have been great in your teens but as an adult that inevitable time to hang up the board will find you. Unless your Tony Hawk, of course.

But if you're a dog those rules don't apply. Tillman, below, inspired a generation of skateboarding loving dogs (who also love to surf).

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Have you heard about...?

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Keep Your Mind Sharp & Take a Cat Nap Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere

We can't help but be a little jealous of these lucky, lucky dogs who get to go at their own pace day in and day out.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Although we might choose somewhere with a cushion to rest on.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Or a comfy rug in the sun. Good choice, Mia.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

Let's celebrate man's best friend for all they are and all that they do. We can learn a lot from them.

5 Reasons to Be Jealous of a Dog

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