4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

As dogs get older, a lot can change. Sometimes it's gradual and we have time to prepare and plan to help our dogs stay happy and healthy for longer and at other times we navigate transitions as we go.

We've got 4 product suggestions for owners of older dogs and why we love them.

Cobbydog Adult

Priced from £12 for 3kg – £26 for 15kg

Why we think it’s great for older dogs:

As dogs get older, it’s important to switch to a good quality diet that takes into account their lifestyle changes.

So that as they begin to slow down, you continue to feed them the right balance of nutrients to help them stay fit and healthy.

The balance of ingredients, such as protein, in this dog food seems to be tailored well for senior dogs.

4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

Cobbydog adds:

“Cobbydog Adult is a low protein diet. Ideal for less active dogs or those that don’t take quite as much exercise as they used too.

“The gentle formula is easily digestible with good levels of Vitamin E to help support your dog’s skin, muscles, heart and immune system.”


Furbo Dog Camera

Price £189

Why we think it’s great for older dogs:

We first discovered the Furbo treat-dispensing dog camera a couple of years ago and since then we have not only had a lot of fun with it.

Recording personal messages, calling to check in on our dogs when we’re away from home etc. We have found a real benefit to it with our oldest dog, Mia.

She is very greedy, and food-obsessed, she regularly engages with the Furbo and checks to make sure no one else is getting something she isn’t (keeping her mind and body active) and it allows us to keep a close eye on her wellbeing.

It’s become a very important part of our home.

4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

Furbo adds:

“Furbo is an interactive dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even give treats to your dog when you’re away.”


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Have you heard about...?

4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

Beaphar Joint Tablets

Price £11.75

Why we think it’s great for older dogs:

I always begin giving supplements to my dogs as they start to approach middle age. Much like you, I expect, you get used to seeing specific ingredients in joint supplements, which signal their quality.

This supplement has those. It’s also chewable and flavoured to appeal, and has many good reviews online from others who also recommend for older dogs.

4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

Beaphar adds:

“Made with a vet strength formula to help keep joints supple for smooth, pain free movement, these delicious, meaty flavour tablets are an easy way to support joint health in older dogs.

“Containing high levels of Glucosamine, which aids in the production and rebuilding of cartilage, and rich in Chondroitin, which is often used in human healthcare for its anti-inflammatory effects.”


George Barclay Country Sofa Bed, with Pocket Sprung Mattress

Price £129.99

Why we think it’s great for older dogs:

Mia loves her George Barclay sofa bed, it’s her favourite bed in the home. It keeps her warm, supported and comfortable, and she can get in and out easily without movable cushions disrupting her balance. A year on from its arrival in our home, the quality is like new. It’s definitely a hit.

4 Of The Best Products For Older Dogs

George Barclay adds:

“The George Barclay Country sofa bed, has a 3-sided design to form a cosy environment for your dog, whilst retaining easy access. Available with an Encapsulated Pocket Sprung Mattress, constructed using several individual springs encased in cloth sleeves, called pockets.

“These pocket springs allow independent movement, contouring the mattress to the shape of your dog’s body. The cluster of springs is encapsulated in a foam shell, to achieve the utmost level of comfort and support. Available in two sizes (Medium & Large).”


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