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4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

Almost everyone who works at K9 Magazine owns at least one dog, so we put our heads together and came up with four of the most important things we think dog homes own (or should).

And after we did that, we found four brands who've designed products specifically for dog homes that we like or have put to the test and think you need to know about.

Here they are.

Something to Keep Pets & House Plants Safe

Easihold & Potstars Range

What makes this product special:

Pet owners rejoice! Keep playful pets at bay and avoid muddy paws with the new stone setting spray, designed specifically for house plants.

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

The first of its kind, Easihold keeps decorative stones in place to minimise mess and keep your pets safe. Works best with Potstars decorative stones.

Priced from £3.99 (stones) – £9.99 (spray) (RRP)

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Organic Cleaning Products

We Are Probiotic Starter Pack

What makes this product special: 

Transform everyday cleaning into an act of love for yourself, your pets and the planet with We Are Probiotic.

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, the cleaners are not only safe to use around dogs, they’re beneficial too. One spray releases billions of beneficial microbes that continue to microscopically clean for 3 days.

Price £14.00 – total value: £20.00 (RRP)

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Have you heard about...?

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

A Stylish Dog Bed

George Barclay Monxton – Orthopaedic, Soft-Walled Dog Bed

What makes this product special: 

The George Barclay Monxton, orthopaedic soft walled box bed, provides a supportive and comfortable retreat for your faithful companion to take a well-earned rest.

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

Produced using the finest quality upholstery fabric, the bed has a fully removable, machine washable cover, to help keep it looking and smelling like new.

Price £99.99

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A Good Floor Cleaner

Kärcher FC5 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

What makes this product special:

Kärcher says the FC 5 hard floor cleaner is suitable “for all sealed hard flooring including laminate, tiles, stone and wooden floors” and floors also dry within minutes after use.

4 Must-Have Products for Dog Homes

So when Kärcher invited us to review their hard floor cleaner, we were keen to put it to the test and see how it stood up to a house with three dogs and a cat.

Price £399.99 (RRP)


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