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eBook: 100 Ways to Extend Your Dog’s Life

eBook: 100 Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life

Show me any dog owner on earth who wouldn't want to know how they can do better by their canine friend. We know our dogs are here for a great time, sadly, not a long time but there are ways you can help to ensure they are with you, happy and healthy for as long as possible.

In our '100 Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life' eBook, K9 Magazine has teamed with experts, owners and organisations to bring to you 100 of the best, easiest to implement tips on how you can help your dog live a longer, healthier, happier life.

eBook: 100 Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life

There's only one problem with a dog; they're here with us one minute and gone the next. To the man or woman who can create a dog capable of living 100 years, I'd give you everything I ever owned or wanted to own.

To those who have ever lost a dog I hardly need to tell you how painful it is.

100 Ways to Extend Your Dog's Life

Our dogs are such a big part of our daily lives and we watch them age right in front of our eyes at a speed that is horribly swift. They live each day as if it were their last. We can learn a lot from them in this respect. But what we all wouldn't give to be able to extend their health and happiness for as long as we possibly can.

Let me tell you a very quick story about an encounter I had with a man selling dog collars.

He turned up at my place of work, unannounced, pitching me his range of dog collars to sell. As it happens, I wasn't in a buying mood but I admired his gusto for turning up and making the effort. We got to talking and he wanted to show me his dog wearing some of his merchandise. I was due for a short break so I thought, 'why not?'

He called from the back of his van a jaw-droppingly good looking Golden Retriever. Sasha was her name.

He showcased Sasha for me, adorned with various collars from his range.

I politely explained I still wasn't in a buying mood but asked him a little more about his dog.

"How old is she?" I enquired.

"12", came the answer.

"12 months? She's going to be a big girl", I replied.

"No. She's 12. 12-years old."

My mouth could not have been further open. I wish I had a camera phone back then!

This dog was fit, healthy, had the brightest eyes and coat and easily could have passed for a puppy. Vitality, energy and she looked all of 16-months old, at most.

To say I was impressed is an understatement. I asked the dog's proud owner what he'd done to get her and keep her in such great shape.

"Ahh. It's all about the diet, sleep and the exercise. But not just any old diet, sleep and exercise. I know what I'm doing. All my dogs tend to live long and look like this at her age."

From that day to this I've been obsessed with finding out everything I can about how to increase the longevity of my dogs. I've employed many, if not all of the tips described in this wonderful eBook. There are 100 tips here that can truly make a difference to your dog's lifestyle. I can't recommend highly enough that you have a read for yourself.

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