Wild West Lupine Collar & Urban Wacky Walk’r from Collarways.co.uk

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If you're looking for a trendy but practical dog collar with a life-time guarantee, Lupine® Collars are the choice for you and the Wild West is yet another great example.

Lupine collars are made from extremely strong nylon webbing and come in over 30 beautiful and bright patterns, catering for almost any taste. They are available from very small (6"-9") for puppies and toy breeds to very large (16"-28"), for up to Mastiff size. All collars have welded chrome D-rings and strong plastic buckles, and in the larger sizes a Combo Collar is also available.

Combo Collars, also called Martingale Collars have a limited closure which works particularly well for dogs that tend to back out of their collars (eg. greyhounds) and for long-haired dogs, where the owner wants to avoid coat damage.

Matching leads and harnesses are also available. All Lupine products come with the unique 'even-if-chewed' lifetime guarantee. While the products are not indestructible, they are all guaranteed against accidental damage, including being chewed by your dog. Simply take it back to where you purchased it and you will receive a free replacement.

And, introducing the Wacky Walk'r lead also featured!

This elastic latex dog lead is a new concept in dog walking. The Wacky Walk'r is made from natural latex tubing similar to the material found in the fitness industry. It's unique ability to stretch and return to it's original size without losing elasticity creates a much more comfortable walking experience for both owner and dog. The jerks and shocks of a dog pulling suddenly are greatly reduced as the dog works against the lead, rather than against the owner's joints.

This lead is not considered an anti-pulling device, but rather a way of walking dogs in a comfortable and stress-free way. The lead is available in 6 sizes to suit the weight of a dog and in 3 lengths to accommodate urban or rural walking. The Coupl'r in the range is designed to walk two dogs on a leash tangle free. The Wacky Walk'r won ''Best New Product' Award at the Glee Petindex 2006.

For a list of Lupine and Wacky Walk'r Stockists in the UK please visit @ www.collarways-stockists.co.uk!

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