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WATCH: 5 Dogs Who Love to Dance vs 5 Dogs Who Just Don’t – Who Gets Your Vote?

Britain's Got Talent is back for its tenth anniversary series and to celebrate the show's return in all it's dog dancing glory, we decided to find 5 dogs who we think are the best at strutting their funky canine stuff. But, although almost a third of us like to dance with our dogs (according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance) we couldn't leave out those who say, no, just no, to the prospect of dancing. I mean, as long as it's not you being snubbed by your dance partner, it's funny, right?

Take a look below and see who gets your vote as overall winner.

TO DANCE: This Dog in Brazil Can't Help but Join In.

OR NOT: Well, Colour Me Impressed. Oh Wait...

TO DANCE: BFF's Ashleigh & Pudsey Thrilled the Nation With This Dance Routine.

BGT Winner's Ashleigh & Pudsey spoke with K9 Magazine in 2012 (click the cover below to read the interview in full) and told us how she came to own her BFF. "I got him for my 11th birthday, I got this box, opened it and there he was. We started training pretty much straight away, he's just so clever. From there we went on to compete in agility, which he became a champion in and canine freestyle where he reached the top as well."

OR NOT: It'll Take a Lot More Than That to Thrill This Frenchie.

TO DANCE: This Dog Knows You've Got to Give Good Vibrations to Get a Little Back.

OR NOT: This Dog Has All The 'Food Vibrations' She'll Ever Need. Right Here. In Her Mouth. Food.

TO DANCE: All This Dog Needs is a Funky Beat to Get Him Moving.

OR NOT: This Dog Clearly Misheard Those Lyrics, You Said 'Upside Funk', Right?

TO DANCE: Some Dogs Dance with Their Legs, Others Their Ears.

OR NOT: This Dog's Ears Hear What You're Saying, But...He's The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

You've got that song by The Script in your head now haven't you? We think you'll agree that each candidate has the cute factor.

So, who gets your vote? Let us know who your favourite was by commenting below!




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