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Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

Do you swap your dog's beds around depending on the season? We know some do, usually to find extra ways to keep them cooler during the hotter months or more comfortable and warmer when winter sets in.

This month we were invited by Scruffs to review a bed from their new summer collection and we knew just who to ask - Bryan.

Bryan is a miniature Dachshund and he loves to snooze, according to his owner Ali Drew.

Here's how they got on when they put the new Scruffs Casablanca mattress to the test.

Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

"As soon as the Scruffs Casablanca mattress (in large, £54.99) arrived, I got it out of the packaging and it sprung open to full size. Bryan immediately jumped onto it and lay down, happy as anything.

"Even when I tried to move the mattress to where it was going to live, he didn’t want to get off, so I had to carry it with Bryan still sprawled out on top of it.

Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

"The light grey colour and pattern on the mattress is really lovely, the colour matches my house decor perfectly and the design on it makes it suitable for both male and female dogs. We chose the grey colour due to it being the perfect match for my house decor, but the other colours the Casablanca range comes in, which are grey, mustard, purple and blue, are also really lovely and very summery.

"The mattress is super soft and looks really comfy for the dogs to lie on. It’s got great cushioning which is thick enough for a big, heavy dog to enjoy without feeling like they are lying on the floor.

"The breathable material that has been used means it stays cool and even though it is suitable for all year round use, it is perfect for this summer weather.

"The reason I decided to go for the Casablanca mattress instead of the box bed is because the dimensions of the mattress fitted perfectly in my conservatory underneath Bryan’s dog flap.

Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

"I have been looking for a while for a mattress or rug to put there because he likes to lie in the conservatory in the daytime, but I also needed a mattress with just enough padding so that when he comes in and out of his dog flap, it runs flush to the bottom of the flap - he only has little legs so can’t jump through it! The Casablanca mattress turned out to be the perfect thickness for this.

Was This Summer Dog Bed a Hit with Bryan the Miniature Dachshund?

"We chose the larger size of mattress (100cm x 70cm) as even though Bryan is only tiny (and the smaller size would still have been large for him), the larger size mattress was the perfect dimensions to fit the area in the conservatory that we were going to put it. The mattress fits like a glove!

"Overall, Bryan and I both love the Casablanca mattress from Scruffs.

"The quality, look and comfort of the mattress are all great. I would highly recommend and they also have matching box dog beds from the Casablanca range, so we may just need to get Bryan one of the beds to match nicely with his mattress."

Many thanks to Scruffs for sharing the Casablanca mattress bed from their summer collection with us for review!

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