This Man Is Cycling 300 Miles to Help Dogs in Rescue Find New Homes

We love an inspirational story and as the Tour de Rescue kicks off this week, we’re sharing the story of Dominic Hodgson, who is cycling more than 300 miles visiting animal shelters across the UK to inspire more people to consider adopting a dog.

Dominic is setting off on the Tour De Rescue today (September 9th) to shine a light on the amazing work volunteers do - something we see only too well through - and meet dogs currently in rescue looking for new homes.

A dog trainer himself, he has had three rescue dogs and left his job in sales to learn how to help animals in 2011 after volunteering at his local shelter, Animal Krackers.

This Man Is Cycling 300 Miles to Help Dogs in Rescue Find New Homes

Dominic said: “I’m doing the Tour De Rescue to highlight the amazing work people do at local rescues. We hear a lot about the large welfare organisations but many are one or two person operations.

“They have little resources to work with but give so much of their lives picking up the pieces when dogs are abandoned or mistreated and they are the unsung heroes.

“These small rescues rely entirely on funding and volunteers and I wanted to do something to make people stop and think about supporting them.”

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This Man Is Cycling 300 Miles to Help Dogs in Rescue Find New Homes

Dominic is hosting events in Morpeth, Teeside, Derbyshire and North Wales and is cycling to each destination. Members of the public are invited to come along and learn more about the rescue centre.

Visitors can get advice from respected dog trainers on how to settle in their rescue dog and where they can find help if they’re struggling.

Dominic said: “I want to shatter the myths about rescue dogs - they aren’t unhealthy, damaged, or have behaviour problems.

“There are many reasons dogs are handed in but often they’re well behaved, much loved pets and are given up because of a change in circumstance or because their owner has passed away.

“Whatever the circumstances they’re confused, frightened, bewildered and these shelters give them a second chance at happiness.

“The focus is to tell people of the joy rescue dogs bring to so many families and to help rescue dogs and their owners stay together through education. There’s a lot of support available.

“We can’t keep building even more rescue centres to house dogs people don’t want and that’s why I want to bring communities and pet professionals together to prevent this.”

The Tour De Rescue takes place from 9th to 12th September 2019.

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