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These New Dog Treats Have Just Hit the Streets, but How Good Are They for Your Dog?

At K9 Magazine we love dog treats. What I mean is our office dogs do. And what I mean by office dogs is Mia does, so we do.

But all Mia-teasing aside, we do genuinely love hearing about new pet products. After 17 years, there are still products created every year that surprise us.

But what interests us most stems from a desire to make sure our pets are happy and healthy which is why when we heard that raw pet food manufacturers, Natural Instinct had launched a new range of frozen fish dog treats we had to find out more.

Thankfully the kind folks at Natural Instinct were only too happy to send us some of their new Fish Fingers dog treats and at the same time sent us some of their most popular raw dog food ranges: their Chicken and Tripe and Turkey complete meals, as well as some extra whitebait dog treats. Mia was pleased.

When the frozen dog food and treats arrived, they were concealed inside a box designed to keep them fresh upon arrival. Being frozen though, you really do need to get them into the freezer as quickly as you can though, so after opening I packed away in the dogs' freezer shelf (does anyone else share their freezer 50/50 with their dogs?).

The next day I opened the freezer ready to get to work inspecting the new treats and at the same time decided to take out a couple of the complete meals to defrost ready to feed later that day.

Natural Instinct's Fish Fingers treats (£3.50 / 100g) are made from naturally dehydrated Coley Fillet in the UK.

Coley is a fish you might have heard of but never tried. It's part of the Cod family and in recent years has become a firm favourite with TV chefs and cooking enthusiasts. I was particularly pleased the treats are 100% Coley Fillet because Mia's on a restricted diet but it does include white fish.

The Fish Fingers are frozen and you should refrigerate and feed within two days once defrosted. In our home with three eager dogs keen to make sure they get their fair share of any treats handed around, bags of treats don't last particularly long but I made sure to take only a few treats out at one time so as not to waste any while getting their opinion.

I like the fact the label is clean and simple telling you exactly what you're feeding and the reminder that these treats are for dogs, not humans made me smile.

My dogs enjoyed these treats immensely and even Christopher, who is as fussy as he is funny, and has an incredibly sensitive stomach - especially to fish oils - digested them without any trouble.

Here are some highlights from our review photoshoot with Mia, Christopher and Danny as they inspected all of the products kindly sent to us.

That's after we managed to get some of the treats back from Mia.

And she decided to stop knocking the food over.

A big thanks to Natural Instinct for sharing with Mia, Christopher and Danny! Find out more about Natural Instinct's range online at




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