The Waterloo Dog Bowl from The Spindly Brindly Company

Reviewed By Sisky

I was recently asked to review what I thought was a new throne, I am royalty you know, so this wasn’t a surprising request… so you can understand my confusion when “The Waterloo” arrived!

My pesky little brother Benny looked so happy, but then he does drink from the real thing! Not all Chows are regal! My person, filled it with some yummy cold water and a touch of goats milk, and let me road test it…. It was FANTASIC, just the right size for my chops, deep enough, that nothing was spilled, and with a lid I could slam down to keep unwanted tounges out (note from Sisky's mum – I think she might be a bit keen here, it's been designed so that's not possible!).

 My human says it will be great for the car too, as the lid will stop any spillages, I have to agree.

To give “The Waterloo” my royal evaluation… it’s well made, a good size and good price at only £9.99. It's available in the traditional black aswell as pink and blue. It makes my people laugh when I drink out of it, I find it best to keep them up beat, it leads to better service. So I decree this product by Royal Appointment to Princess Sisky of Glenhead.

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