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The VonHaus Cordless Grass Strimmer & Hedge Trimmer: A Dog Owner’s Review

Let me tell you a little something about myself. I am anti-wire. Anti-cord. Anti-cable. You may have already learned that if you read my review of the Gtech cordless lawnmower in K9 Magazine issue 96.

Now, some people might say; what's the big deal? We've been living with corded electronic equipment for as long as we've had electronic equipment?

You see, for me, the problem is once you've experienced the freedom of a world without wires, going back to corded devices is like sitting down to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster only to discover you'll be viewing it on a tiny black and white TV set with one of those dodgy adjustable aerials where you daren't even move positions for fear of causing a static interruption to the screen. If you're under 25 years old you probably have no idea what I'm even talking about, do you? Trust me, the technology of today is, naturally, better than we had yesterday.

With my bias toward cordless / wireless things out in the open let's also establish something that needs to be said. Not all cordless stuff works as well as its wired counterpart. I'll give you a quick example of this. I have a guitar and - as you might already suspect - one of the first things I did was purchase a wireless system so I could play my guitar without feeling like I'm tethered to the same place. I admit, I'm not a member of the Rolling Stones but I do like to be able to move around. Speaking of which, how did I ever cope when we had those old style phones with a receiver and handset that were fixed in place?

I mean, on an average phone call I tend to do laps of the house, laps of the garden. It's almost as if I can't think or speak properly unless I'm moving. Same for the guitar. I like the idea that I can walk about and not get tangled up in cables if I so choose.

The problem is, and it's a big problem, the wireless system was just, simply not as good as the old fashioned cable method. The sound was poorer, there was interference and the drop in quality was/is too much to ignore. I switched back to wired. I'm told the very expensive wireless systems tend to not have such a dramatic drop in quality but, as I said, I'm not in the Rolling Stones and I couldn't really justify the expense of a piece of equipment designed to allow a musician freedom of movement around a stage at Wembley Stadium when the furthest I tend to move is between my bedroom and office.

So, an admission. If a product is wireless but suffers a significant enough drop in quality so as to not be able to properly compete with a wired version of the same device it's not really going to cut the mustard or, in this case, grass and hedges.

I got my eager little hands on the VonHaus cordless hedge trimmer and its friend, the VonHaus grass strimmer after I'd finished mowing the lawn with my shiny new Gtech lawnmower.

If there's one place where wires really cause me aggravation it's in the garden. I like to listen to music as I do the gardening chore (through my wireless and utterly brilliant quality headphones, naturally). I do not like to be distracted by constantly having to untangle cables or check whether my extension cable has wrapped itself around the clothes line and pulled things to the ground. I do not like that at all. It's enough to make me go red in the face and just demotivates me from wanting to do the gardening in general. So, for me, the garden is a nicer task to face when I'm disconnected, literally, from the tyranny of tethering.

I unboxed the hedge trimmer and strimmer together. Put their dinky little batteries (black and orange colour pictured on box below) into their charging slots, plugged into the socket and then went about my business. The batteries for each device are exactly the same which is really handy should you forget to charge one, you know you always have a spare using one device while the other's battery charges.

Once I'd got a full charge (took roughly an hour) I simply slotted the battery onto the back of the device and set about using the hedge trimmer first under the watchful gaze of Danny and the cat.

It looked like a little chainsaw and I put it to work on some tough areas of our garden that had been allowed to get out of hand due to our lack of an appropriate tool for tackling them (what, you think I'm going to use the old fashioned method of elbow grease and a pair of strong secateurs? No. Not for me thanks).

It sheared through the bushy overgrowth with ease and I found myself getting right into the spirit of things.

So much so that I may or may not have started cutting down things that were not really supposed to be cut down.

With our overgrown eye line level areas of the garden now looking much more minimalist, I fired up the strimmer.

Same experience. I got exactly the same effectiveness and power that I would have from out corded strimmer, but without the pain and inconvenience of a trailing wire to worry about. Unlike my wireless guitar experience where the quality drop was too much to justify a complete transition to wireless, these two tools did the job just as well as their wired contemporaries.

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Have you heard about...?

Having quite a lot of growth to task the strimmer with controlling, I did use about three of the plastic blades but they attach with ease when you need to swap so it was no hardship. Since I used, my dad (who loves to garden) has visited and tried it as well. He really enjoyed it saying it was easy to use, light and decent power. What more could you ask for!

When you have dogs, the garden is pretty much their place of business. We have one dog who doesn't mind wet, long grass and overgrown areas and two who will absolutely make their feelings clear if the garden is not kept up to their demanding expectations. So keeping the lawn neat and the hedges clear is a big deal for them. Being able to perform all of the regular garden maintenance tasks using battery rather than mains power is a big deal for me.

Take if from me, once you've gone wireless in the garden you won't want to go back. It's a joyous reminder of the modern technological times we live in.

What you can expect from each device

VonHaus 20V Cordless Grass Strimmer - POWERED BY PRIMAL

Powerful 20V Max. Cordless Strimmer – ideal for a range of trimming tasks around the garden and outdoors

Powered by Primal technology - 1.5ah Li-ion battery is fully compatible with all other products in the VonHaus 20V Max. Garden Range - with rapid charge - it is fully charged in just one hour!
Features strong nylon blade cutting system, 180° adjustable trimmer head, 25mm cutting path and telescopic handle
Low noise and vibration - ideal for use in residential areas
Cordless, ergonomic design for complete mobility and comfortable operation

VonHaus 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer - POWERED BY PRIMAL

Powerful 20V max. hedge trimmer - quickly and easily cuts through branches and twigs up to a thickness of 15mm

Powered by Primal technology - 1.5ah Li-ion battery is fully compatible with all other products in the VonHaus 20V Max. Garden Range
Features blade brake, cover and large hand protector
Ergonomic lightweight design with soft-grip rubber handle

Many thanks to for sharing these with us and for being a part of our cordless home and garden series as we strive to find the best cordless products for pet owners.



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