Issue 131

Is fish good for dogs?

Is Fish Good For Dogs?

More and more dog owners are asking is fish good for dogs as a high quality diet and alternative to meat based dog foods. Our guide explains why fish is not just good for dogs, it's actually one of the best foods for dogs with some incredible benefits.
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Nathan Henry: ‘My Dogs Are My World’

Nathan Henry is one of MTV’s most recognisable faces. A star of their hit show ‘Geordie Shore’, he recently appeared on E4’s ‘Celebs Go Dating’. He admits that although he’s grown up on reality TV, there’s a vulnerability to appearing…
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What Is Schnauzerfest?

Schnauzerfest began life in 2014 as a social media based network of Schnauzer loving people getting together for a series of fundraising dog walks around the UK. That first year, all walks were held over one autumn weekend and it…
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What Is Alabama Rot?

Alabama Rot was first spotted in the UK in 2012 but has been active in the US since the late 1980s. Over the last few years, more and more cases have come to light and to date, more than 100…
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Canine Communication: How to Speak Doggish

Understanding how dogs communicate is just about the most important ingredient in maintaining and establishing a happy, healthy relationship with your four-legged friend. It's not just a fun thing to do, it's crucial. An inability to recognise what makes dogs…
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