Should Dog Owners Invest in the Bissell MultiReach? We Put It to the Test!

Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home can be a challenge. Not only do you have to weigh up the pros and cons of costs, you need to know it can do what you want and need, and if it fits in with your lifestyle. Hairs and dust are a part of life as a dog owner but who wants to spend longer vacuuming than they need to?

Fiona Daniel, a musician and DJ from Manchester owns two dogs, Giz and Wicket, and with the help of her two dogs, she recently put the Bissell MultiReach™ Ion Plus 25.2V cordless vacuum cleaner (RRP £259.99) to the test for us.

Here are her thoughts.

As a dog owner who likes a clean house, I’ve always been very committed to cleaning regularly. This has resulted in me working my way through a number of vacuum cleaners quite quickly. As I was on the hunt for a cleaner that would not only get the job done, but last long enough to justify its price, I was thrilled to get my hands on this one.

I’ve shared my home with Giz, a well behaved almost 5 year old Cavalier King Charles for a few years now and have recently got a second dog named Wicket, who is 9 weeks old, so I was keen to make sure I got a vacuum cleaner that could handle double the workload that my previous ones had sometimes struggled with.


When I first picked up the vacuum it felt so lightweight I immediately thought it simply would not have the power I required for getting out the dog hairs from my carpet. I was very nicely surprised when I saw that it did without a problem. It is so easy to move around as there is no cord and it pivots on a ball so it can easily get under tables. The ‘edgereach’ function is good and allows you to get right into the corners without changing an attachment.

With bigger cleaners, the thought alone of lugging a heavy appliance out of the cupboard, up the stairs and around the house is enough to make you dread cleaning. But with this cleaner, you don’t experience that sort of ‘dread,’ you very quickly get used to having a light, portable gadget that positively makes cleaning up after your dogs quick and hassle-free.

Another big pro for us is battery life. Previous cordless cleaners we’ve had would either run out of power (it has around 40 minutes of battery life from charged), or begin to lose suction at least, before I’d vacuumed the whole house. This problem made me a bit wary of cordless cleaners in the past and I had actually switched to a plug-in cleaner, accepting the inconvenience and hassle of cleaning while tethered to the wall.

Notwithstanding that this is a brand new cleaner, I’m confident it will keep on cleaning efficiently for a good while yet as it has shown no signs of losing power. When on charge, you can see how close to having fully power the cleaner has, so if necessary, you can wait until you’ve got full charge before commencing a big clean. It took just under 4 hours to fully charge out of the box, but I keep it on charge when not in use so it’s always ready to go.


There is no bag with the vacuum and the cylinder where the dirt is stored. It’s not massive so needs to be emptied quite regularly. I empty it after one full vacuum of the whole house, which isn’t a problem for me but worth bearing in mind if you’ve got a big house, lots of dogs or both.

The only real downside to the MultiReach Ion Plus is that there is a bit of a dust cloud when emptying and it is a messy job cleaning the filter. But considering the price, these are very minor downsides. It really is much more of a joy to vacuum with the Bissell compared to our big old heavy previous vacuum.


It’s not the cheapest cleaner I’ve ever owned, but the improved performance and convenience compared to previous appliances more than compensates for the increase in cost. If you need something that’s easy to move around, nimble and agile, this is a great choice.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is quite a nice looking piece of technology. It looks very space age and due to its compact size, it slots neatly away after use.

The best thing about the MultiReach™ Ion Plus is that it’s quite satisfying to use. You can whizz around knowing that you’re picking up everything as you go.

Have we helped you decide?

Find out more about the MultiReach on where you can read more reviews.




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