Sarah Jayne Dunn Tested an Automatic Dog Feeder, Did it Work?

The pet tech sector is booming and we're always looking at what's new on the market. This month we were given the chance to review an automatic pet feeder from Pet Safe.

Thinking it might be something that would best benefit a busy pet owner with a hectic schedule, we invited Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn and her pug, Ming Ming to review for us in between filming.

Here's how she got on.

This month Ming Ming and I got the chance to try out the Eatwell™ 5 Meal Pet Feeder (RRP £50.99). Operated by batteries (four D-batteries), it allows you to program it up to five times a day to automatically rotate to expose pre-loaded food for your pet to eat.

Sarah Jayne Dunn Tested an Automatic Dog Feeder, Did it Work?


It’s a great idea for food control and weight management and we loved it as we’re not always home when it’s Ming Ming’s feeding times (she eats two meals a day at 9am and 4pm), which means we usually have to feed her as close to her feeding time as possible or sometimes leaving her to wait an hour or two until we return home.

The feeder is super easy to program, with simple easy to follow instructions. We loaded it with Ming’s dry food for her meal times and then with a couple treats every so often in between.

Sarah Jayne Dunn Tested an Automatic Dog Feeder, Did it Work?

This meant we could leave her for a few hours knowing that she wouldn’t be waiting for her food or thrown off of her routine - we all know how much a dog loves one of those!

The unit is neat and easy to clean (the inner food tray is removable) however it’s not the most stylish, it would be nicer with a choice of colours which you could then match to your decor.

The concept is great if your pet eats dry food, however this wouldn't really work with wet food and we found it a little impractical as we add a little water to Ming’s dry food to soften it, and this isn’t really possible when you’re leaving the food prepped for a few hours.

We also found that once Ming realised it was full of food which didn’t take her long to sniff out, she became obsessed with the feeder, wiggling round it and grumbling at it for hours! She thought it was her new master and we paled into insignificance. Not great for a food obsessed Pug.

We will definitely continue to use the feeder for days when we won’t be home at Ming Ming’s feeding times but I wouldn’t use this as an every day option. I’d recommend it for a more obedient pet that is happy with dry food at regular feeding times.

Thanks to PetSafe® for sending their Eatwell™ 5 Meal Pet Feeder for us to review!

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