Do the Orbee-Tuff Nooks Toys Live Up to Their Name?

It's not a revelation to say that boys and girls are very different, but when Christopher and Danny entered our lives and took up their place in our family, I wasn't truly prepared for how different boys and girls were.

Mia and Chloe had their routines and even as puppies they weren't 'rough and tumble' sort of girls. So when the boys started destroying every toy in the house (and even making some magically vanish, seriously - how) it was not only a shock to the system but to see our toy boxes go from overflowing to well, frankly, a poor show, we needed to take action.

Enter the 'hidden box of forbidden toys'. We hope to return them someday but until then they remain locked, but not so hidden.

With our boys love of toys in mind, we set ourselves the challenge of finding toys suitable for our very own hardy boys, and Mia, and quickly came across the new Orbee-Tuff Nooks from Planet Dog have a 5 out of 5 chompers rating (you can find out more about their Chew-o-Meter here), meaning they've been tried and tested by some hardy souls and come out on top, so what would our trio make of them?

What did our trio receive?

The team at Planet Dog sent us three toys telling us that they're nothing like we'd have seen before, each in a unique colour and design - a Green Peace Sign, a Red Heart and a Yellow Smiley Face, they have all of the qualities we might expect from Orbee-Tuff dog toys being durable, bouncy and minty and a price tag of £12.45 each.

The toys are designed to be stuffed with soft cheese, peanut butter or tiny treats. We opted for a combination of peanut butter and cheese.

It didn't take long for Mia, Danny and Christopher to cotton on to what was about to take place...

Befitting of their personalities we chose the smiley face for Mia...

The peace sign for Danny...

Yes, he ran off into the garden with it before returning to ask for more...

And last but not least, the love sign for Christopher as the baby of the group...

He even wished for more...

Before they each took turns at each other's to lick the final pieces of yummy treats out.

However, Christopher decided one wasn't enough...

And took them all to his bed...

Although only 2.5 inches in size, these toys have kept Mia, Christopher and Danny occupied and are still in one piece (5 out of 5 chompers rating indeed)! Mia absolutely loved hers and it was fantastic to see her enjoying her treat so much being the oldest of the group.

A huge thanks to the Planet Dog team for sharing the Nooks with us - our trio can't put them down! Find out more about the Orbee-Tuff range and buy online at Chew & Chase HERE for £9.95 (RRP £12.45).



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